Man Becomes Weightless Under Hypnosis

by: Darryl Anka
An interesting experiment was carried out in one of Russian universities, at the psychological department. A person was told during a seance of hypnosis that he was inside an orbiting spaceship. A hypnotist told the person that he was about to find himself into a state of weightlessness. When devices showed the complete absence of weight, the scientists did not believe their eyes: the weight of the hypnotized individual vanished totally!

How could this happen? Modern science tells us that nothing exists until we look at it or focus upon it with our senses. As counter-intuitive as this may seem, thousands and thousands of experiments have proven this to be true. The ability to levitate has been recorded all over the world. Shamans, healers, psychics, holy men and women have been doing it for centuries. There are references to levitation in the Christian Bible as Simon Magus levitated himself in view of St. Peter. Tibetan monks, Hindu magicians, Shinto priests have the ability to change their body mass and float just by thinking about it.

This brings us to our original question, if a hypnotist can suggest that a man become weightless, and the weight of that person disappears, what happens to the weight? Do we really control the world around us with our thoughts? Science would say yes. The ego shrieks a loud no. Which is correct?

A curious phenomenon has been discovered in the brain. When neuroscientists examine the electrical activity of the human brain, they discovered that less than 5% of the activity could be connected to anything going on in the body. The electrical tracings of the brain are very active in most people. But if you try to follow the patterns and figure out what they are doing, you quickly discover that you are wasting your time. It would appear that the brain is busy doing a lot of something that scientists cannot understand.

Many scientists call it unconscious activity and attribute the energy patterns to deep thought and brain activity associated with organs and biochemical processes. Some believe that the activity is completely random, amounting to no more than the brain amusing itself. What if this activity is a reflection of the brain creating what we call reality around us in the manner that we are used to? What if the brain constantly constructs what we expect to see and feeds it to our senses?

There is a hidden secret system of study in ancient magic called Dhactielle. In this system, an individual can learn to control the hidden processes in the brain to manipulate the laws of reality around this. This system was referred to in a recent movie. In the movie, the main characters were put through a series of tests that led up to their introduction to a hidden system of ancient magic called “The Eye”. Believe me, telling you this will not change your experience of this wonderful movie but is does illustrate my point.

In this movie, the characters learned that reality is controlled and created by consciousness. Learning to understand and manipulate consciousness, the way the brain does, opens to door to miracle and magic.

The secret to levitation is believing that you are weightless. The secret to believing that you are weightless is convincing your consciousness that you are floating in space. Reality will do the rest. Once you understand that you can alter your world by the focused and controlled use of consciousness, the world around you will change. Your brain uses this fact each second of every day to fool you into thinking that you are helpless and everything around you is fixed and out of your control.

Once in a while, open your mind and remember the Russian psychology experiment. Nothing is what it seems, not even your most cherished illusions. Taken to its deepest levels, this thought can be immensely empowering.



by Christine G. Flynn, Contributor

Every now and then we all have experiences that we can’t quite explain. For example: we know something is going to happen, and then it does, we have a dream, and then it comes true, or out of the blue, we go somewhere we usually wouldn’t, and we meet our future partner.

When this happens we’ve plugged into the cosmic neural net: an all knowing, cosmic intelligent consciousness. For most of us, it is not a conscious act. But with some understanding, time, patience and practice, you can develop your ability to plug in more frequently and consciously.

Some have a seemingly natural ability to do this, such as shamans, visionaries, gifted clairvoyants and the like. But the fact is, their gift, like all gifts, are born of mental habits, mental habits that can be learned by anyone.

Learning how to plug into the cosmic neural net requires knowing how to activate the most evolved, largest, but mostly dormant part of our primate brain – our frontal lobes. The more we activate this part of our brain, the more it develops, and the more accessible it becomes to us.

Our frontal lobes are located in the area behind our forehead, the area that is commonly referred to as the third eye, and it is this area of neural activity that is responsible for our highest cerebral functions: creativity, logic, reasoning, cooperation, imagination, paranormal intelligence, ecstatic experiences, insight, transcendence and so forth.

Most of the time we tend to be stuck in our mammalian, or reptile brain, the two areas of our triune brain that are responsible for survival, and social interaction. These two areas of our brain activate fear and defence in us, and they give rise to the many other emotions associated with fear and defence, and when we are in these states, we cannot access our frontal lobes.

In order to switch into our ‘super brain’ frontal lobes, we must learn how to quell our fear and defensiveness until they become dormant in us, arising only in real life threatening situations.

A good way to begin doing this is by adopting a practice that concentrates the mind regularly on an activity that gives joy, pleasure, peace, calm, happiness, and quiet. When the mind becomes habituated in this way, gradually the potential of your dormant brain will begin to awaken. In time, you will find yourself having more ‘unexplainable’ things happening, you’ll ‘just know’ things. But this time, you will know that what is really happening is that you are plugging into the cosmic neural net that is accessed through your own super brain neural net.

For more information on how to turn on your super brain and access your mind’s power, please visit: Positive Mind States

About the Author

I have spent many years in the study of personal development. Diagnosed with leaukemia 11 years ago. I used the power of meditation, autosuggestion and visualization to heal myself. I knew I could do this because I realised it was the way I was using my mind in the first place that made me ill. For four years prior to the illness I had been performing in a piece about ‘blood going bad’. I literally focused my brain on that negative suggestion – not realising that I was manifesting it in my body. This was a right of passage that taught me about the importance of focusing my mind on what I wanted, not on what I did not want. Since then I have dedicated my life to understanding the power of the mind and how to develop and harness that power to positive effect. Our mind is the most precious resource for creating the life we want and whatever way we work it – works!

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Consciousness: What It Is And How It Can Be Manipulated

by Arjun


Consciousness goes beyond biology, it is the ‘thing’ that allows us to perceive our external environment. At the same time, our external environment is a result of the level of consciousness that we all operate at.  Quantum physics is revealing that how we perceive our reality is directly responsible for creating our reality. Consciousness is also responsible for shaping our biology, if you look at placebo studies for example, whatever we believe, perceive and are convinced to be of benefit, our bodies will create the chemical flows and biological environment necessary to produce the desired result or cure. The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating aspects of health care, with results that have been proven to work at least fifty percent of the time during treatment of health related problems. Even recent findings, like neuroplasticity give further credence to the power of consciousness, and ability we all have to self-heal. It is a known scientific fact that our biological make up, down to our cells and the external reality around us is shaped by us, our perception, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. How we perceive the world through an internal perspective is responsible for creating and shaping the external world we see around us. Education, biology and medicine have taught us that our brain is responsible for sending different signals to our body, that our brain determines everything we do, this isn’t true. Sure, it’s true that our brain sends signals, and tells our bodies what to do, but we do not recognize that something is communicating with our brain that causes it to react and instruct the body on what to do. What is sending signals to our brain? Our heart is, the place in which you come from, the intent that lay behind your action is important, and can depend on what level of consciousness you operate at. I do not mean to use the word level to imply better or worse.

Research is beginning to show how the heart plays a tremendous role in our lives, far beyond what is commonly known. The heart is responsible for emitting electromagnetic fields that change according to our emotions. Where do our emotions come from? Our emotions are a direct result to how we perceive the enviroment around us. Person A can have a different emotional response than person B even though the event that created the emotional response could be exactly the same.  For example, if two people are making love, and two separate people are observing the love making taking place, they could both have a different emotional response to it, it all depends on what ‘level’ of consciousness they operate at. Another example is war, for some people it might trigger sadness, hate or anger, and for others it might trigger a sense of accomplishment, patriotism and bravery. For others it might just be an experience they no longer resonate with, and view it from a place of neutrality, not judging it but recognizing that  they no longer desire it for this planet. Our emotional response, our reaction to a certain situations depend on a number of factors,  a response of bravery and patriotism usally comes from a manipulation of consciousness. By this I mean many people have been brainwashed to believe that war is necessary, from this programmed belief comes certain emotional responses.

Our reaction to the environment around us also plays an important role in shaping our reality. Can you be calm, and at peace no matter what events are unfolding around you in your external world? The heart has a system of neurons that have both long term and short term memory, and the siglans sent to our brain have a direct effect on the signals that the brain sends to our body. The heart sends a tremendous amount of information to the brain, yet mainstream science assumes the brain is where it all starts.  Our intuition, our heart, our higher self, our soul is what is becomming known as we move through 2013 and beyond.

If we look at perception of reality, it’s changed over time. One hundred years ago, human beings on Earth had a completely different perception of reality, understandably so. Our perception of reality is responsible for creating belief systems, consciousness cannot change, and reality cannot change without letting go of belief systems. When we choose to let go of belief systems, we change our reality simply by having an open mind that’s not afraid of change. Sometimes we hold on to belief systems so much that they become our truth, sometimes we believe our thoughts so much that they become our absolute truth.

Manipulation of consciousness.

When I say manipulation of consciousness, I mean that the human race has been made to believe, as well as perceive reality in a way that does not represent the true nature of our reality. We are constantly being fed with lies, and tend to believe them without question. Our beleifs about the world and how it is, is directly correlated to how we perceive our environment, which is directly correlated to what level of consciousness we operate at and what type of experience the human race creates for itself. How is our consciousness manipulated? Many examples exist to illustrate how our consciousness has been manipulated. 9/11 is a great example, humanity was convinced of a terrorist attack that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq. This event developed a beleif system in millions, if not billions of people that the world was being attacked by terrorists. From this perception, it allowed many other unethical events to unfold. Another examlpe are UFOs, water fluoridation, mass media, health care and education. One of my most favourite examples is the energy industry. If we see alternative energy methods presented to us on tv, and even being implimented by multinational corporations, we believe that is the be all and end all of solutions. Did you know that we have zero point energy devices available?

It is no longer a secret that certain concepts, findings and aspects of our reality are concealed from the human race. We give our power over to a small group of elite and the corporations they run, and we are convined that the issues on planet Earth are being delt with. Concealment of certain aspects of reality has the potential to keep us creating the same experience for human beings on the planet, it has the ability to keep us in a perception lockdown, not knowing that there are other elements of reality that could completly change the percetpion of the human being, and how they operate. We have been taken out of touch with ourselves, and who we really are.

It’s 2013 now, and the world is moving through a period of transparency.  Human beings are beginning to see through the viel that has blinded the masses. We are starting to question activities on planet Earth and why we operate the way we do. If you were an alien looking down on the planet, i’m sure you would scratch your head. It just doesn’t make sense, and more information is presenting itself to show us that we have to do it collectively. We have to realise that we are all one human race, on planet Earth and that there is no separation between us. We are all literally facets of one another, we created everything we see here today. It’s time to stop complaining and just create something new, it’s as simple as that.

✣ The Entire Universe is a Projection of Consciousness

We experience the universe as a projection through us because each of us is a centre of consciousness. Therefore we are all centres of the universe. There really is no here or there because everything is at One point where consciousness is. We all do not exist in different places but are all present at One point. The reality of here and there is all created and experienced within the singularity of consciousness itself.

Where you are is the centre of the universe.

An everyday example of projected reality is a movie projected onto a screen. You know that the movie is just the projection of a recorded, dramatic scene, but it’s easy to forget that as you become involved in the unfolding drama. The movie appears like a real-life drama for as long as it absorbs your attention.

“The universe only exists when you are observing it,” or so the popular theory goes. This theory is an offspring of quantum physics. It says that, because the observer affects the outcome of experiments, the observer is key to reality. The theory goes on to suggest that the universe only exists when you look at it; therefore you must be creating the universe from your consciousness.
This is actually not a new idea. The old Zen riddle, “If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?” reflects the same style of thinking. It suggests that nothing happens in the universe without an observer being present.

The idea that we live in a conscious universe has been gaining ground steadily for a number of years. What does the term, “a conscious universe,” actually mean? The universe consists entirely of consciousness. The fabric of the universe is consciousness. The objects in the universe are all made of consciousness. Everything in the universe is fabricated from aspects of original consciousness, interwoven and set into motion.


art; e11en ♥ vaman

Evil is a Subjective Experience!

734580_475670602493986_867668063_nAll things, all reality, all experiences exist within the mind or consciousness of ‘The One’; (God, Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma etc.). It is illusional to think that your experiences are outside of ‘The One’ consciousness, which is Love. We have been deceived into believing that we are ‘Separate’ from ‘The One’; that there is an ‘Out there’, an ‘Outside’ of the consciousness, the Love of ‘All that IS’, ‘The One’; (God, Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma etc.  This ‘thought’ when believed is the illusion, it deceives you into thinking of yourself as a ‘Victim’! Love thy neighbor as thyself – (Because they are ‘thyself’) – Matt.19:19. Take heed that you be not deceived – Luke 21:8. Which deceiveth the whole world Rev.12:9. Deception originates by thought but seats itself within the consciousness.  You must try to remember that your experience is by your created choice. We exist within an attraction-based construct, all created for our experience to learn – “Who I Am?”; Know ThySelf! Our emotions (energy in motion) are electrical! Our thoughts are magnetic! What you think about, you bring about! As one thinketh in the heart, so are they– Prov.23:7 There is no ‘Out there’, out there! There are no ‘Victims’! There is truly nothing “Outside” of your ‘Consciousness’! It is all like unto a dream. No-Thing can ‘Separate’ you from Love because that is ‘All that IS’!

When you creatively choose to accept that you are One with ‘All that Is’ then something very interesting will begin to happen. Something quite wonderful and magnificent will begin to manifest in your reality (Life).  Every moment of every hour of every day that you contemplate this thought, you will inevitably begin to realize & believe that your very ‘Being’ exists within the mind or consciousness of ‘The One’; (God, Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, etc.). Because that is ‘All that IS’! And the degree to which you come to know this thought to be true, that you are really and truly One with ‘All that Is’, will be the degree to which you will no longer experience evil, which is, lack of choice. Evil does not exist within the consciousness of ‘The One’ which is Love! You can only experience evil through an illusion; by believing that you reside in a conscious state of separation or duality! Once you finally remember and accept your intrinsic Oneness to ‘All that IS’, then you cannot experience evil being done to you unless you creatively choose/allow that experience within your reality construct; nor can you contemplate doing it to another. It is only while believing in the conscious state of separation or duality that you can either experience the actions of another being as evil or indeed contemplate enacting evil upon another being.

This is only my perspective. I am sure you have your own.

By Dr. Ali