Life in the Golden Age

Life in the Golden Age

by Steve Beckow
A house by a waterfall?

Let’s now look at more personal matters in the Golden Age. For instance, what will eating be like? Well, the body will absorb energy for one thing rather than needing us to feed it, says SaLuSa. He discusses changes that shade from what would have been the post-contact period into the Golden Age.

“When you reach our stage as you eventually will, the body is much less physical and not subject to the ills and other problems you experience that you have now. It does not age or need the degree of attention that your present one demands, even to the point that it absorbs energy rather than your need to feed it.

“However, we do enjoy what you would call delicacies and juices that are extremely tasty and satisfying. Your path will soon take you towards natural foods, and chemical additives will be a thing of the past.

“In fact they will be unnecessary, as when foods are grown in the correct environment you will find that they are far more tasty and nutritious. Yes, you have heard of food replicators and you could view them as an interim measure, until your needs are properly provided for.” (1)
We do have reports of what fruits are like on the Astral Plane to compare SaLuSa’s description of fruits to. Ethel McLean says:

We have the most wonderful fruit on this plane, of a texture and quality that I am unable to describe to you fully. It has a spiritual quality of sustenance, suitable to our etheric bodies and is greatly enjoyed by all.

There are many varieties. … Here fruit is of a different substance … and although other foods are not necessary to us, we gain much from eating fruit.” (2)

Abbe Henry Bolo agrees.

“Fruits – beautiful to behold and luscious to the taste – are in great profusion and may, as thought necessary, be plucked and eaten. These fruits contain, in concentrated form, mental and spiritual essences. Though seemingly eaten, they are not swallowed as is food on earth, but are dissolved in the mouth cavity, then imbibed into the system.” (3)

Eating fruit “has the effect of recharging our batteries,” Mike Swain says. (4)  What is not eaten returns to the ethers and the tree, Cliff McLean says: “There is no wastage because the very juice which may be discarded dissolves into the surrounding ether and, instantaneously, returns to the substance of the tree.” (5)

I’d imagine we’ll find many of the same features of fruit in the Golden Age.

What about education and learning? Damur of Antares explains how his civilization learns.

“Our education and information systems deal with holographic technology. You have words, images and numbers in your records. When information is transmitted to us, it is sent as a beam of light energy and received by our higher brain. All the information is received simultaneously and integrated instantly. So, you can see that we are quick learners!

“We are also able to view a holographic image and all the information contained within the image is received and immediately integrated. In other words, we understand instantly. We are able to utilize all of our brain capacity.” (6)

SaLuSa says that information will be downloaded into our brains.

“At present you carry out a lot of reading, attend lectures or watch videos in your learning process. Again in the future you will be able to absorb the knowledge of a book load at a time through new teaching methods, and information can literally be downloaded into your brain. The laborious means you use now will be superseded by various new technologies, including implants.” (7)

Schooling will not be necessary, he continues.

“Schooling such as you know it will not be necessary, and you will choose the subjects that you want to follow and are therefore of interest to you. It will be known which subjects you need to develop to follow your ordained path, and time is not wasted on pointless exercises as now. Many of you will join a group consciousness, and that will immediately increase your level of consciousness through the sharing that takes place.” (8)

Matthew Ward tells us that “new educational systems and resource materials will reflect factual universal and planetary history, and true spirituality will replace religions in accordance with the truths that will be revealed.” (9)

Damur tells us that we’ll be presented with information on every known planet and their inhabitants.

“On our home planet of Antares we have a great library. This library contains knowledge and records of the history of the cosmos from time immemorial. The information that will be presented to you contains everything that there is to know about each planet and the inhabitants who dwell there.” (10)

Matthew tells us what music will be like after Ascension.

“What will music be like in the Golden Age? Whether you will be making it, listening to it, or dancing along with it, music will be as uplifting, diverse, thrilling, sing-able, melodic, happily nostalgic or majestic in scope as it is now.

“What will not make it into the Golden Age are heavy metal instrumentals, lyrics of destructive nature, and neoclassical works filled with dissonance. Those genres have their place in the moment, but they are of much lower frequencies than the vibrations of the Golden Age wherein all is harmonious.” (11)

Where will we choose to live? Matthew offers a full picture of the wider range of choices we’ll have then.

“City life will be much more fulfilling for the spirit than it is today due to the demolishing of substandard buildings and restoration of once fine buildings that fell into decay; the addition of many small parks and colorful playgrounds, vegetable and flower gardens, and neighborhood libraries, concerts, museums, and galleries with locally produced art forms; entertainment and recreational centers for all ages and interests; and animals, even those you now consider wild, roaming freely.” (12)

Ugliness in buildings will be gone, he says.

“Architecture will be limited only by imagination and choices, but no building will be ugly or inadequate for its purpose. Geodesic domes will be popular as will fanciful building designs that reflect the light-heartedness that so long has been denied the majority of Earth’s peoples.

“Current and new technologies will produce construction materials similar in strength and appearance to today’s concrete, steel, rigid and flexible plastics, and those along with natural products and quality simulations of fine woods will be widely used. So will glass, which will be altered from its present composition, because you will desire to live closer with Nature even when you are indoors.” (13)

Networks of wiring and utility poles will all be gone, Matthew tells us.

“By unified intent, no litter or eyesore of any kind will exist anywhere. Wherever you live or travel, you will not want the vista marred by the utility poles that now are necessary blights on landscapes. The poles will be removed and where conduits are required, they will be underground; and other energy sources will be direct, without any need for connecting wires.

“Although telepathy will become a common form of communication, voice-to-voice communion across the miles will be as important as now, but the harmful aspects of the wireless methods you are using will be gone. Expanses of concrete gradually will be removed too, as new transportation modes will change the need for current fuels and highways.” (14)

We’ll enjoy traveling widely and some of us will relocate ourselves in distant, rural areas.

“New transportation modes and a much fairer distribution of wealth will enable city dwellers to frequent the countryside, where a booming business will be “bed-and-breakfast” inns to accommodate the growing desire for those oases of respite from routine activity, and to travel to distant places as well.

“Still, millions now living in cities may prefer to move to the solitude and restorative energy of familiar rural, forested areas. And, like a new wave of pioneers, some of you will be motivated to relocate to currently uninhabitable places when those start flourishing and beckon the adventuresome, while other souls will choose to live in houseboats on the calm, restful seas.” (15)

“These and other marvelous lifestyle differences awaiting you are indeed gargantuan changes from life in this moment,” he says, “yet the greatest transformation you will experience is in humankind, where love and higher consciousness are REcreating ‘miracles.’” And he gives examples.

“Like souls on Earth and in Nirvana [the afterlife world] once again going back and forth between these physical and spirit worlds, travel that was commonplace until third density limitations closed minds to this possibility.

“Like your transcendence from believing you are lone individuals to knowing your inseparability from all life in this universe, and embracing each other as well as members of extraterrestrial civilizations as the brothers and sisters you all are.

“Like life without anxiety or conflict as people of all countries and cultures are harmonious, cooperative, helpful, kind, high-spirited and delightfully good-natured.” (16)

These views of life in the Golden Age give us something to reflect and meditate on as we approach that time. Meditating and reflecting on them invokes the Law of Attraction and either builds these conditions or else attracts them to us.

Let’s see. Do I want a houseboat on the Riviera or a house overlooking a waterfall? And in the North American rainforest or the red rock of Sedona? Or perhaps outside Florence, Italy… Or Pondicherry… Or Kovalum Beach….


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