Energy in Motion = Emotion: Day 50, Oc 11 | Mayan Messages

ENERGY IN MOTION = EMOTION  There is nothing in this universe that is static or stands still. Are you ready to get off the fence of indecision and create the reality of your dreams? Begin by making a list of things you would like to experience in your life. To energize them, clearly see and feel them coming into your reality. Perhaps you have found others with similar intentions and have created pods to help co-create your dreams. Now what? Walk through the door and enter the utopia you envision. It is already here, even if you can’t see it.
There are many ways to accomplish staying on your Path.. We encourage you to be fearless and creative in all your endeavors. Before arising each morning, build a sense of love by creating an attitude of gratitude, thanking all persons, places and events, in all the Realms for the gift of the present moment.
You are now on the threshold, ready to leave unwanted patterns and belief codes behind. Take time to mull over your dream or project and ask for guidance throughout the day to recognize the clues and synchronicities that will come your way. Bring up feelings of trust that all is in motion and that in essence, it already exists. Some call this, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” On one level, this is very accurate. Feel what it will be like to walk this Path in joy. Feel what the outcome will be like.
Pay attention to each choice you are presented with this day. Take time to reflect on whether this might possibly lead you to your goal, in a graceful way. There are many ways for you to experience any event. It is up to you to choose an easy or challenging route or one in between.Be aware that when you change your paradigm, it also shifts the paradigm surrounding you and ripples all the way throughout the universe. You are that powerful.
As your day unfolds, be mindful of your thoughts. Whenever you find yourself indulging in stinking thinking, simply think again! Daily meditation and short breaks throughout the day in which you train your mind to shut off are highly recommended.
T.H.I.N.K. before you speak Are you speaking your Truth? Are your words Honest? Are you speaking out of turn, letting your ego get in the way “I,I,I,”? Is what you choose to say Necessary? Are they words of Kindness? Learn to discern when it is best to speak and when it is best to remain silent. Be conscious of your listening skills. Do you allow others to finish their sentences? Most humans are so busy trying to be heard that they have lost the skill of listening.
Pay attention to your actions. Whenever you choose to break an old habit, you will find there are many behaviors that are so ingrained that you don’t even notice you are doing them. It is a good practice to write down the behaviors that no longer serve the new paradigm you are creating and to read this list out loud to yourself often, until the habits are broken. These actions incorporate your physical senses of sight, hearing and touch while making your mind aware and conscious. You literally become more mindful of what you are doing.
Thus, when you engage in the list of undesirable behaviors, you are more likely to notice you are doing them. You will then bring these unconscious habits into your consciousness. When you become aware that you are participating in an unwanted habit, you can make the conscious choice to stop and make a new choice.
To reach your desired goals, you must walk towards them. This means becoming aware of each foot as you place it in front of the other to take the next step. At first, this may seem tedious. However, as you practice, the old habits will fall away and your new way of living will become second nature to you. Thus, your desired behaviors will now become habitual and happen on the unconscious level, allowing you to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds you.
At any time, movement toward your goals may come to a halt if you succumb to fear or indecision. We encourage you to face your fears and acknowledge them for the role they played in your life. Then recognize that you no longer need to have that fear in your life and walk past it.
Seek guidance from your Spirit Guides. Always remember that you are not alone. Walk each step with a sense of empowerment and joy. Remember that life is not a destination, it is a journey.
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