Man Becomes Weightless Under Hypnosis

by: Darryl Anka
An interesting experiment was carried out in one of Russian universities, at the psychological department. A person was told during a seance of hypnosis that he was inside an orbiting spaceship. A hypnotist told the person that he was about to find himself into a state of weightlessness. When devices showed the complete absence of weight, the scientists did not believe their eyes: the weight of the hypnotized individual vanished totally!

How could this happen? Modern science tells us that nothing exists until we look at it or focus upon it with our senses. As counter-intuitive as this may seem, thousands and thousands of experiments have proven this to be true. The ability to levitate has been recorded all over the world. Shamans, healers, psychics, holy men and women have been doing it for centuries. There are references to levitation in the Christian Bible as Simon Magus levitated himself in view of St. Peter. Tibetan monks, Hindu magicians, Shinto priests have the ability to change their body mass and float just by thinking about it.

This brings us to our original question, if a hypnotist can suggest that a man become weightless, and the weight of that person disappears, what happens to the weight? Do we really control the world around us with our thoughts? Science would say yes. The ego shrieks a loud no. Which is correct?

A curious phenomenon has been discovered in the brain. When neuroscientists examine the electrical activity of the human brain, they discovered that less than 5% of the activity could be connected to anything going on in the body. The electrical tracings of the brain are very active in most people. But if you try to follow the patterns and figure out what they are doing, you quickly discover that you are wasting your time. It would appear that the brain is busy doing a lot of something that scientists cannot understand.

Many scientists call it unconscious activity and attribute the energy patterns to deep thought and brain activity associated with organs and biochemical processes. Some believe that the activity is completely random, amounting to no more than the brain amusing itself. What if this activity is a reflection of the brain creating what we call reality around us in the manner that we are used to? What if the brain constantly constructs what we expect to see and feeds it to our senses?

There is a hidden secret system of study in ancient magic called Dhactielle. In this system, an individual can learn to control the hidden processes in the brain to manipulate the laws of reality around this. This system was referred to in a recent movie. In the movie, the main characters were put through a series of tests that led up to their introduction to a hidden system of ancient magic called “The Eye”. Believe me, telling you this will not change your experience of this wonderful movie but is does illustrate my point.

In this movie, the characters learned that reality is controlled and created by consciousness. Learning to understand and manipulate consciousness, the way the brain does, opens to door to miracle and magic.

The secret to levitation is believing that you are weightless. The secret to believing that you are weightless is convincing your consciousness that you are floating in space. Reality will do the rest. Once you understand that you can alter your world by the focused and controlled use of consciousness, the world around you will change. Your brain uses this fact each second of every day to fool you into thinking that you are helpless and everything around you is fixed and out of your control.

Once in a while, open your mind and remember the Russian psychology experiment. Nothing is what it seems, not even your most cherished illusions. Taken to its deepest levels, this thought can be immensely empowering.


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