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I’m a light bearer, a lightworker originating from  Sirius A.  My new mission is part of my old mission — spreading  love and shining my light while also  helping to  build a wonderful new society here and now on Mama Gaia.

I chose the name “Wanders Reawkening” to symbolize the many lifetimes most of us have been wandering around not consciously knowing who we are — believing that what we were seeing was all there was while at the same time playing the “victim” role and giving our power away to “them”. I chose the word “Reawakening” to depict that even if you don’t remember your previous lifetimes, you have awaken more and more with each lifetime. That is what has led you to the place you are now in your understanding.

It is my desire that this site is a source of uplifting  information for those newly awakened like me — helping to “ignite [your] spark to be a wonderful light.” (1)


(1) Archangel Micheal in a reading to me by Isabel Henn.



I am Dr. Ali… and I consider myself as an advancing Being. I learn from as many areas of thought that interest me. One of those areas is Health. I have helped many people heal themselves of various diseases such as, Acid Reflux, Arthritis, Hypertension, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Cancer and others. I believe that one can heal themselves of any disease. Because Healing is By Thought!

We become conscious of that which we focus on. What we focus on is but a reflection of our thoughts and our thoughts are nothing more and nothing less than what we believe.

~~~ Dr. Ali


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