Cobra Update 3-10-14… “Quarantine Earth Endgame”

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portal2012_logo_vertical45 Just received this update link from Cobra. As this article is quite long, I have not read it yet. But I felt a great “push” to send it out, right NOW .

Thank you, Kp [UPDATE after reading the first half of this… I say this is a “Must Read” (and this is likely why I was guided to stay home all day today…)]

“Since 1999, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Confederation and the Resistance Movement are actively removing layers upon layers of exotic etheric technologies from quarantine Earth… This process was ongoing in the same way until a few weeks ago when a drastic breakthrough was made…

“The Ascended Masters have then receive intel from the Source about ALL remaining etheric dark forces and their technologies. This has effectively dissolved the basic foundation of the reality system of duality and removed the foundation of power of the top Archons…

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