Your Thoughts and Feelings are Waves of Energy

The New Divine Humanity


Energy does not get blocked. I know it may feel like that, I will explain.

Remember, Things are NOT ALWAYS as they Appear on Planet Earth…

Things Appear Solid, they are not.
Things appear never-ending, (as in situations in time) they are not.
There may appear to be a distance from Point A to Point B (from where you are to where you desire to be) there is not.

It is all here right Now.

YOU have Greater impact on YOUR Environment than YOU Realize.

It is All Energy, you are Energy.

Know Yourself as Energy and Watch the ever flowing
Light of Your Soul ( through your conscious direction)
Transform ALL things in Your LIfe!!

Many of YOU are receiving my Daily Frequency Transmissions.

It is up to YOU to decide and Consciously direct your Energy focus, that is, your thoughts and feelings that are impacting you and…

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