You Don’t Know Crop! video premiere

Openhearted Rebel

The below description of the video is from the following youtube link:

600+ crop circles in a slideshow. Did you know about these? Do you think they might be important messages? If they have been around for years, who is covering it up?


Watching this video several times will activate your galactic DNA cellular memories!

-search YouTube for “Arecibo reply”
-search YouTube for “ufo making crop circles”
-search YouTube for “crop circle ship”

There have been as many as 10,000 crop circles over the past 30 years. This video only has about 600. So there are thousands more!

Now, I do believe a few of these are likely man-made, but probably 90%+ are not.

What does it all mean?

Crop circles are made to raise the consciousness of our species into more wise and loving beings. They are…

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