The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion

The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion

by ASATAR BAIR on JUNE 9, 2010 | Link:

Jerry and Esther Hicks have written a great deal about The Law of Attraction, and the idea also appears in the new-age blockbuster, The Secret.

The Law of Attraction basically says that what we desire, the universe will provide to us. This is indeed a fundamental operative principle of the universe: we manifest what we concentrate on. The Universe is a giant wish-granting mechanism; but it takes time. How often do we persist in our wishes for the amount of time it takes the Universe to re-organize itself according to our wish? Sadly, not very often.

So that’s one difficulty people have, giving up on their wish before the Universe has time to deliver it. If only we could commit, if only we could long for our wish, even when it seems there is no chance we could get it. This feature of the Universe tests our faith. Can we hold to our wish against all the odds?

What about things that only one person can have? A good example might be an Olympic gold medal, say in the 100m dash. Only one person can win it. At any time, many are striving for it. Who will attain it? The one with the greatest perseverance, ability to focus on the goal, creativity in creating different ways to approach it, and striving for it over time, particularly the time when one is best equipped by nature to achieve it (youth).

All of this is in accord with the Law of Attraction, which says that the results of your ‘attraction’ will depend on the intensity of your desire, which of course manifests in all these concrete ways. But what about the silver medalist? What about all those who don’t even get a medal? It’s good to recall that everyone who strives toward their wish makes progress toward it. No doubt every sprinter became faster, learned more about commitment and hard work, etc. The fact that only one can win is part of the game, and they all understand that. Indeed, that fact makes it very exciting for everyone who watches the race.

But a wish that only one can have is pretty rare. Most of our wishes can be had even if others also wish for them, like love, career success, closeness with friends, meaningful work, a sense of purpose, and achieving goals we’re passionate about.

To expand the discussion, there is also what may be called a ‘Law of Repulsion’ – that is, the Universe brings us situations that we fear, people that make us uncomfortable or just annoy us, etc. Why? Because the infinite spiritual energy of the Universe longs to reach its potential, which pushes every living being into greater growth. Notice that these uncomfortable, difficult, painful parts of life are what really cause us to undergo rapid growth, even transformation.

The task of a spiritual school is to help people through those difficult times by the practical application of spiritual exercises – like meditation, visualization, affirmation, prayer, sound practices, and others – then to help people understand and appreciate the purpose of pain as a catalyst for growth. We know when painful and difficult experiences have been fully integrated when we no longer feel blame, guilt, or resentment about the experience, and instead feel a sense of gratitude for it.


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