Sheldan Nidle on Galactic Humans

Church of the Cosmos : Temple of Light

re:  Dimensional Shift, Hidden Human History and Human Origins, Earth’s Initiation into the Galactic Federation, Ascension, the Hollow Earth or Agartha (Ag = Inner; Artha = Earth), etc.

PAO Webinar Galactic Humans 101:

April 2013 on First Contact:

Galactic Federation Representative:

Timeline of Earth’s Hidden History According to Nidle’s Sirian Source (Metatron of Sirius):


35 Million Years Ago

  • Etheric intelligent civilization created and
    are designated the guardians of Earth, but they were to find
    physical guardians also

26 Million Years Ago

  • Bipedal Dinoid with 200 IQ (from Bellatrix system in the constellation of Orion) and Bipedal Reptoid with 200 IQ colonies (from one of the lesser known stars in the constellation of Sagittarius) arrive and inhabit Earth
  • Spiritual Hierarchies of Earth send much love to these colonies
  • Mammalian species evolve to sentiency. These bipedal mammals were called the pre-cetaceans
  • Pre-cetaceans provide ample food for all 3 colonies in exchange for…

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