Zingdad: Some Thoughts about The One


Thanks to Zingdad


For clarity: The ideas that follow are an amalgam of understandings I have recieved from Adamu, J-D and 8. When we talk about The One, we refer to the eternal prime creator of all. The Source. God. 


The One is truly infinite. This is not the same thing as “mathematically infinite”. Maths is a kind of a language and as such has its own limitations. The One is not in any way limited. All thoughts about The One are limited and therefore point to something less than The One. Including these thoughts you are now reading.


The One is not the sum of Its parts. It is infinite. That means It is always infinitely more than the sum of any parts. Nothing you can ever point to or comprehend or even imagine is ever the whole of The One. It is at best only…

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