Your Guides – SomeOne to Watch Over You

source: Guide Speak:

Every person on earth has one or more Guides, Spiritual Entities, watching over them always.  Your Guides “speak” to you in many ways.  Those who are more attuned pick up these “vibrations” or messages.  However, everyone has the ability to become more attuned to their Guides.

Your Guides see you and also see “The Bigger Picture”.  They know what your Soul’s journey is all about and why you are here, in the physical, on earth.  They guide you and assist in providing opportunities for you to be Who You Really Are.  Your Guides are non-judgmental, non-manipulative and non-controlling.  Your Guides respect that you have free will and they will not interfere in your choices as you exercise your free will.  Your Guides will give you opportunities to have what you need (not want) for the growth of your Higher Self.  You have free will to make any choice you want to.  There are always consequences to every choice.


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