Introduction to Angels

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There are over 7,000 angel groups in the Universe today most of whom are humans. The first group of angels assigned to the Universe were the Árian Angels who oversee its development.
Angels are ranked according to seniority. Some of the highest ranking angels in the Universe include Archangels Ária, Cynthyà, Gabriel, Kam, Michael and Raphael.  During the course of the 2012 transition we will learn the names of all archangels assigned to this planet and the names of the angel groups each archangel belongs to.
There are several groups of angels who deserve special recognition for their many contributions to the Universe and these include the Árian Angels, Azúrean Angels, Emerald Angels, Flùvián Angels, Pleiadean Angels, Qárian Angels, Star Angels, Terrán Angels and Lirán Angels.
The subject of angels is much talked about but very little is actually known about them. Angels are believed by many to be ethereal beings however this could not be further from the truth as all angels have a physical form.   Most angels appear in energy form so as not to frighten the people they visit. They appear as bursts of blue or white lights, silhouettes or orbs and are often mistaken for spirits by those unfamiliar with angels.
Angels frequently enter our dreams in physical form to give us messages but because of our preconceived ideas of how angels should look we do not always identify them.  It is important to understand that angels are regular people who look just like we do and who have very similar lives to ours but in another dimension of time.
Angels communicate with all of us at some time or another and are very creative with their methods. Communication can come in the form of a thought, a song, a dream or through visual signs such as flickering lights, objects being moved in our homes or cell phones being switched off while we are driving.
Angels enter people’s lives in the physical sense more often than we realize and not only during times of crisis.  There are so many stories of people who have been visited by an angel and whose lives have changed dramatically because of it.  One thing is certain an angel encounter once experienced is never forgotten!
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The original definition of an angel was someone who aspired to become a part of an elite group of advanced humans known for their work as samaritans in an area called the ‘Aleya Realm’ situated in the outer regions of the Universe.
Over time angels evolved as protagonists of a new era for Humankind that became known as ‘The Age of Evolution’ during which time several major advancements were made, the most significant being the exploration and development of a dense area of space that later became known as The Universe.
Nowadays angels are people who are recruited from the Universe and beyond to work as humanitarians wherever there is a need for their unique methods of evolution, synchronization and protection.
Angels are chosen for their resilience, compassion, vision, integrity, versatility and ingenuity.  Angels are put through a vigorous training program that lasts two years followed by a comprehensive internship where they are placed in what can best be described as boot camps for a further two years.  Before they graduate angels are required to participate in multiple assignments that are closely monitored by their commanding officers.  During these assignments angels are assessed for their overall performance and for their ability to work under extreme pressure.
The life of an angel is one of great fulfillment and enjoyment but it also involves periods of extreme stress whenever they are sent on long assignments that last several decades away from loved ones.
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When we pray for guidance our Guardian Angels have several methods of answering us.  The problem is that most people do not identify their angels’ guidance when it is given.  This can be very frustrating for our angels because they do so want to help us particularly in times of crisis.
There are several reasons why we do not hear our guidance the main reason being that we don’t know how to identify the messages when they are delivered to us.  Even those of us who have metaphysical abilities do not always receive our messages because we are too distracted to hear them.
So what is the best method to hear our guidance? Archangel Gabriel came up with a solution that would make it a lot easier for us to hear our angels’ guidance and that is by sending us messages through songs that we hear repeatedly in our minds.  The messages can be found in one or more of the verses and sometimes even in the title of the song.
Meditation when done correctly is another method angels use to deliver messages to us.   In order to be able to receive their guidance using this method all that is needed is to enter a light meditative state.  This should be done in a tranquil place without any distractions and in total silence so that our angels can give us our guidance with greater clarity.
Angels often enter our thoughts immediately before we wake up in order to give us guidance, answers to our prayers and also information to pass on to others.  What most people do not realize is that the messages sent to us by our angels are time sensitive and that they cannot always be resent if we happen to miss them.
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