Mayan Messages (Days 1 – 10)

source: Mayan Messages | Theresa Crabtree.


Day 1 – In the Beginning

Day 2 – The Nature of Polarity

Day 3 – Trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit

Day 4 – New Beginnings

Day 5 – Transformation: Courage to be One Self

Day 6 – Transformation Meditation: Break Habits Through Intention

Day 7 – Your Uni-Verse

Day 8 – Infinite Abundance

Day 9 – Human Evolution

Day 10 – Take Time to Nurture Your Self

MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY   1     IMIX  1  


Greetings, I am Imix with the Tone of 1. Together, we welcome you to this day. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge with you and to assist you in creating the life of your dreams. This is the first day in the series of 260 days in the Tzolk’in calendar. You may find others to be following a different pattern of days, yet nevertheless, if you choose to study each day in succession, you will create an opportunity for yourself to look at 260 unique aspects of yourself.

And so, let us begin. With this being the first day of the calendar year, we welcome you to this new cycle of introspection. Let us begin by introducing ourselves. I am Imix and I represent new beginnings, among other things. Tone 1 is symbolic of Unity, the oneness in all. Together, we would like to invite you to go within.

Take three deep breaths in and out, releasing the concerns of the day. Relax your body and mind. As you read our words, be discerning. Take those that “make sense” to you and leave the others for another day. Know that as you read these dialogues, there are many layers. Depending on where you currently are in your level of understanding, some ideas will “resonate” with you and others will have no feeling of relevance. It is highly likely that after going through this first cycle of 260 days, when you return to these words on the next new year, you will find understanding on a much deeper level. This is a sign of your growth and understanding, which happens as you peel away layers of “negative” thought patterns and fears, replacing them with love and “positive” thoughts.

For most of you, your incarnation on earth began as a birth. You entered into this incarnation as a babe with full memory from whence you came. The density of this planet was overwhelming. Soon, you adjusted and fell into daily routines. Each of you had unique experiences and each of you have reacted differently to those set of experiences. Not one of you will see all things from the same perspective. This is as it should be, for each of you came to this earth with a different set of intentions.

In order to experience this realm fully, it was necessary to have the memory of your true spirit nature “erased.” Before coming to earth, you chose the basic scenarios that you wanted to experience. There are many other spirit friends and guides that agreed to work with you in order for you to have these experiences.

It is very much like a play. While in your spiritual essence, you are the playwright. You create the backdrop and the plot and you develop the cast of characters. Most of you on the earth plane today have been here many times before. During those times, each of you played many roles. You may ask, “Why? For what purpose?

We will share with you a brief synopsis of the creation of this world. You can find a simple, yet understandable version in the little book, “The Little Soul and the Sun,” by Neale Donald Walsch. We are unable to explain further into the beginning of the source of All for there is no way to describe in words the beauty and intricacies of perfect love that exists beyond matter.

In the beginning of your universe, before there was matter, there existed a sense of Oneness with all of creation. It was like a bank of clouds, with energies swirling here and there in glorious, radiant light. All was love and flowed freely amongst itself. There was no separation of “god,” no good or bad, no polarities in any form. Time did not exist, all simply was. The delineation of space did not occur; all flowed freely in all directions.

Then there came a desire to experience separation. The “Source of All” was willing to experience “other.” There are no words to describe this Source or the initial separation. We will do the best we can in a brief manner. In order to experience separation, including “dark” and things that are not of “love,” the world of matter was created. Little sparklets of light left the realm of spirit and created themselves into physical matter. Each of these “sparklets” holds the full memory from whence they came, knowing that at some point they would return to the sea of Oneness.

This was the first dimension of separation from the Whole. Can you imagine the creative juices that were flowing on this level? Anything was possible, there were no costs, no fears, no judgments, all was love and each sparklet had the ability to create whatever it desired.

Many of the original dimensions were group experiences; the “thought” to experience individually had not occurred at that time. As the group moved further and further from original Source, other experiences came to the “mind” of the collective consciousness. As a variety of “ideas” developed, the group began to split into different facets in order to have different experiences. This continued for many dimensions. Individuals could freely come and go between groups. Full memory of the Source from whence they came was still intact.

At one point, the idea of “Dark” and “Separation” came into being. This was the beginning of the universe in which you reside. Many universes were created by a myriad of soul groups. Each universe had unique aspects and “laws” to govern how they would operate.

Through “time” and many dimensional layers, eventually your solar system was created. There were also several other solar systems similar to yours being created at the same time. One of the unique features of this solar system is the temporary wiping away of the memory of the Source from whence you came.

It was decided that in this solar system, the inhabitants would be able to experience the farthest from Source that was possible. It would be created with all the beauty and symbiotic features of many other systems, but those who incarnated would be on their own to “find their way home.” As you can imagine, the more adventurous souls are attracted to this scenario.

The vast majority of you on earth were among the original creators of this sector of the experience. You have created the design of all beings on earth and the ecological system of how it would all work together. You would then enter into your own creation and be an actor in the play that you co-created. This had never been done before and there were many surprises along the way.

All of the “negative” things that you are experiencing on earth today has been experienced time and again on other worlds or planets. However, one by one, each of these civilizations either destroyed themselves or simply stopped existing on those planets. The design of “free will” held many surprises. Not one of you before incarnating realized how difficult the circumstances would be when you entered this realm in an amnesiac stage.

It was not long before the experiences of murder and mayhem became prevalent. It was unknown how “fear” would grip the soul and create so many “not love” experiences. However, from those who remain outside the earth realms in spirit form are in awe of those who can “find the light” while physically incarnated.

When this world was set up, it was an “experiment” as well as all the others. There was a “time frame” that was allowed for this cycle. Know that all physical realities exist in cycles. The cycle that currently exists on earth is an “out-breath”, near the end of its cycle. Soon the “in-breath” will occur in which “fresh air” and “new beginnings” will occur.

In all the cycles that have existed, this is the furthest from Spirit, the “dark night,” so to speak. None have gone to this dimension of separation before. You are truly “on the eve of destruction.” Many are filled with gloom and doom of dark days to come. However, we are here to encourage you to lift your chin, roll up your sleeves and get out your creative tools, for you will soon realize that within you is the power to create the world as you choose.

You, as a physical race, are “waking up” and “seeing the light.” Many of you have seen this coming for generations. You have now entered the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” You are now beginning to understand more fully how to release the density of this world within the cells of your body and the thoughts that tend to run your life. Many of you are aware that “negative” thoughts “glop” together and form dis-ease and dis-harmony. Many of you can “see” the energy fields that are out of balance and know how to realign them. Many of you understand that love flows freely around and through all things, as they did in the beginning. Many of you have communicated with spirits “not of this world.”

Due to your amnesia and desire to control and manipulate all things on earth, the human race has created quite a mess. Once the ecological balance started to tip, a set of circumstances created a fast-moving train towards destruction. These truths are finally becoming self-evident to all who have access to the media. Many are angry at all the falsehoods that are being brought to their attention. Many are in fear for their safety and basic needs of survival. The fear level is increasing daily and must be checked soon in order for there to be a balance.

No matter what happens, rest assured that all is well. Each one of you, through your unique experiences is a library of information. Your gift is unique to the Source of All. When you experience anything, this information is sent back to the Source. No matter how far from love you go, there is no judgment, it is simply an experience.

Due to the nature of “free will,” you can have any experience that you choose. The hard part for many to understand is the “amnesia” effect and to know that you are truly a spiritual being having a human experience. There is no “right” or “wrong.” Each of you is created with the ability to choose whatever you want to experience.

However, due to the “amnesia,” many of you have found yourselves in circumstances that are less than desirable. Know that this was allowed due to the “free will” clause. I will say to you that you have never been alone. Each of you possesses a “Higher Self” that remains in the spiritual realm. In addition, each of you incarnates in this realm with at least one spirit guide who never leaves your side. Many children can see these “imaginary friends” until the adults around them convince them they aren’t real or that it isn’t “safe” to talk to them.

In addition to your personal spirit guides, there are myriads of other spirits and “angels” here to encourage and support you along your path. We, the Mayan Day Keepers are such helpers. Each Day Keeper is actually a group of souls holding specific energies. The Tuns are also groups of souls holding specific energies. As you cycle through the year, our unique energies combine in 260 ways to allow you the ability to loosen up one more strand of “negative” influences that have taken hold of your life.

Even if you choose not to believe or are not able to grasp this explanation of creation, we encourage you to continue with the daily study and integration of the daily applications that we present to you. As you progress through the year, you will find much support in your effort to create a better existence for yourself and others. You will receive many suggestions on ways to eradicate old behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve you. You will be shown ways to increase the ability to love yourself and others.

Know that within yourself lies the ability to “awaken” and discover your true spiritual essence. We are working feverishly on the planet to assist all of you in this “awakening” process. Your world as you know it is coming to an end. It is no coincidence that the Mayan long-count calendar is also coming to an “end.” Always remember that when there is an ending, what follows is a beginning.

By making conscious choices and clearing yourselves of limiting belief codes, this new beginning has the possibility of creating heaven on earth. We encourage you to keep your thoughts as light and loving as possible. The world you wish to experience must first come from within your. What you are currently experiencing on earth is a mirror of what has been experienced on the first dimension of separation that was described above.

Like then, you will gather in groups and brainstorm ideas. You will be drawn to those groups who wish to create the Utopia that you feel drawn to experience. You are just now unlocking the doors of separation. For the first time on earth, there are “conscious” beings arriving in droves to help with this process. Your skies are filled with beings from other planets who desire to help with this process of “ascension.” Your universe is filled with the excitement of the possibility that earth can lead others back into full love from the darkest realms of physical existence.

It is no coincidence that you are on planet earth today. There is a huge line of souls wanting to incarnate. You were chosen for your special talents or because you were one of the original creators and came to “clean up” some of your previous messes or to ride the ultimate “roller coaster.”

Take time to go into nature and reflect on these thoughts that are new to you. Accept those that “resonate” with you and discard those that seem too far out. We welcome and invite you to return each day to hear our messages and to take time to clear out unwanted debris in your physical being and way of thinking.

As you work diligently on your self, you will be filled with more joy and vitality than you could ever conceive. For those of you not fully tuned into your Higher Self or spirit guides, you will learn how to do so. From our perspective, we know and understand that you mustbe the peace you want to feel and you must be the love you want to experience. We are here at any moment to assist you to be all that you can be!

Go forth this day and see yourself as a newborn, where everything is fascinating. You simply observe without judging anyone or anything. Know that you are fully supported by all of us on the “other side.” Truly believe that you will be supported by more and more fellow beings as you lay aside the barriers of protection that you built along the way. We are here to be of service to you. This is our greatest pleasure. Many of us have walked the path that you currently walk. We know the struggles you have experienced along the way. We have felt the pain you feel and cried the tears you cry, both of sadness and joy. We understand and are here to support you.

We love you and are excited to embark on this journey with you!

Selamet!  Imix 1

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MAYAN  MESSAGES          DAY  2     IK  2              



Welcome back, we hope that we did not “scare” you off with yesterday’s introduction. It is our desire to bring you closer to us and to yourselves, rather than “turn you off” with statements that currently do not reflect your current understanding of the world in which you live.

Today we will take a look at the energies offered by Ik 2, the second day in the 260 day cycle of the Tzolkin calendar. Know that each Day Keeper and Tone reflects a variety of energies, for we are a collective group, not individual souls. What may appear to be discrepancies to you are merely different facets of the same diamond.

The aspect that we would like to share with you is that of “Duality.” In your realm, your world creators came up with the idea of “opposites” or more commonly called “polarity.” Where you have “up,” you also have “down.” Where there is “hot,” you will find “cold.” Where there is “light,” you will find “dark.”

There were several reasons for creating a realm with this duality. Yesterday, we spoke of how the universes were created in order for souls to have the opportunity to experience “not love.” This would be impossible in a realm where all is one. In those realms, there would have to be the experience of all “love” or all “fear.” You came from “all love” when you were a part of Source and for the first few dimensions. Not too many signed up for the experience of “all fear.”

Thus, the vast majority of new realms have been set up with a balance of both light and dark. In the universe in which you reside, each individual soul is given the opportunity to choose where in the universe they want to incarnate. For you see, there are a myriad of opportunities available, all giving the opportunity to experience “light” or “dark” in varying degrees.

For those choosing earth, you have the unique opportunity to choose what you wish to experience due to the creation of what you call “free will.” Until recently, very few have been aware of the ability to create solely from a place of love while living on the earth.

As more of you “awaken,” you will show others by your example and through your writings how to create solely from a place of love. What many of you are striving for is to experience “heaven on earth.” Although this concept is foreign to many of you, we assure you it is within your grasp.

Each of you possesses free will, the ability to choose whatever you wish to experience. We in the spirit realm hold no judgment regarding your choices. We are available to assist you in whatever it is you wish to experience, as long as it falls within the parameters of the laws of your universe. We have no authority or desire to go against the free will of any individual.

Many of you may be thinking, “What about the “bad” guys, those who use corruption in order to exert control over others?” As we already stated, we are here to assist everyone. So, yes, there are spirit Guides who help the “bad guys” as well as the “good guys.” We do not make judgment on anyone’s actions. Our joy comes from helping to create joy in your lives, whether you judge your actions to be “good” or “bad” is not of consequence to us. That is the nature of “free will” which was set up many eons ago when earth was initially created.

Know that each person “reaps what he sows” and that “like attracts like.” So, go ahead and choose what you wish to experience, but know that in this realm and the next, there will be a “day of reckoning.” In this realm, everything has a “boomerang” effect. The more you give love to others, the more love you will receive in return. The more fear you impose on others, the more fear will be returned to you.

In the next realm, there is no judgment from “god.” You will have a “life review process” in which you will experience the emotions of those who crossed your path in your last incarnation. During this review, you will feel the emotions of others as though they were your own. It would be wise to keep this in mind as you continue to make your daily choices. Be kind and considerate to others and your life review process will be filled with delight. Torment others and use coercive efforts to gain control over others and be ready to experience all of the “negative” feelings that others will have projected back to you.

We share this with you to let you know that although you have “free will” to choose whatever you experience, there are repercussions associated with each of your choices. If it is your desire to create “heaven on earth” then it is your responsibility to make the choices leading to your desired outcome.

In order to create a world of love, you will have to uncover all your feelings of fear that keep you from being constantly filled with love and light. This is the purpose of this set of daily applications. We are here to assist you in reaching your goals. It is our desire that each of you enhances your life by choosing acts of kindness and expressions of love.

Your world as you know it is rapidly coming to a close. Many of your religions speak of a “day of reckoning.” There are many theories associated with this ending. What we encourage you to consider is to choose love and kindness in all situations. For those who choose unkind acts, there will be a further separation from Source.

Love is the key to real joy. All else is temporary happiness, like an addict’s need for a “fix,” it is short-lived. Many of you have tired of the selfishness and greed that permeates your planet. Each one of you that learns and practices inner peace and kindness towards other, you move one step closer to creating “heaven on earth.”

Take time each day to reflect on your thoughts, words and emotions. Be mindful of your actions and reactions. The first step in any healing process is to be aware that there is a “problem.” The next step is to find solutions to those problems. We are here to offer assistance in this arenas. You have everything within yourself to create a balanced and centered life. We have the advantage of having the ability to “see the bigger picture” and so, offer our services freely to you. However, you must ask, for we cannot impose our will on yours.

Take time to deep breathe each day and to quiet your inner thoughts. It is through your thoughts that we can enter into your daily life and provide the assistance that you seek. This is our greatest pleasure, to serve you. We are available 24/7 to be of assistance to you. Join with us when you desire, for we are your brothers.

Selamet!  Ik 2

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MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  3     AKBAL  3         


Welcome to this day of Akbal 3. It is our intention today to delve into the meaning of three, the trinity. There are many books written on this subject and many interpretations of the symbolism within the number 3. None are greater than another; all are facets of the same diamond.

The aspect that we would like to focus on today has to do with three being symbolic of your connection to the spirit realm. Consider your physical human body as one point of the triangle. Visualize the conscious part of your mind as the second point of the triangle. The third point is the part of your essence self that is still in spirit form, that which is commonly called the “Higher Self.” We shall call these three points: body, mind and spirit. They work in a symbiotic fashion to allow for the experience within the realm of humanity on planet earth.

We have already briefly spoken of how “creation” began which allowed for the human experience on earth to become a reality. Let us look a bit deeper in hopes that you can gain a better understanding of why you are here and how you can make this life on earth a little better for yourself and others.

First, we will look at the aspect of “body.” Every physical being on earth has an energy field surrounding it. All plants, animals and humans are created from tiny bits of matter that can be called “creation bits.” Even “inanimate” objects such as rocks and dirt are made from these tiny bits of organic matter.

There is no thing in your universe that stays “still;” every thing is continually in motion. Even the rocks are in a constant state of change as they go from being boulders, to rocks and eventually becoming the soil. Each one of these “creation bits” holds a tremendous amount of information, much like modern computer chips.

Your physical body is similar to a computer; it also has the capability of storing a tremendous amount of information. Some of that information was programmed before birth. This would encompass data such as the functioning of your circulatory, muscular and digestive systems. Each physical being is designed with specific properties suited to its role on earth, whether it has feathers, fur or a specific chemical make-up.

For this article, we will focus on the human machine and its capacity to store information. Science is proving that humans store emotions and memories in various parts of the body. It has been found that events that cause emotional and mental trauma can be as much a cause of dis-ease as physical traumas.

What has been discovered is that even thoughts of trauma or the fear of being traumatized can be stored in the body and cause reactions similar to having experienced an event. How can this be, you may wonder? In its most simplistic form, the following will give you an idea of how dis-ease manifests itself in the human body.

All thoughts are originated from either a feeling of “love” or “fear.” Thoughts emanated from “love” are light and airy. They flow through matter and create a sense of peace and joy. Thoughts originating from “fear” are dark and heavy. Instead of flowing through matter, they tend to glop onto each other. Repetitive thoughts continue to glop together, creating layers.

These glops of energy can gather anywhere in the physical world. Perhaps you have been to places that feel “creepy” or met people that make you feel “uneasy.” This could be a result of a glop of negative thoughtforms. For humans, these thoughts first accumulate within their aura, which is an energetic field that can be seen with the naked eye and filmed with Kirlean photography.

These glops of energy first show up as dark areas in the auric field. If they continue to gather and become denser, they will then settle into the physical body and cause dis-ease. If the human is paying attention, he/she may notice the effects of these negative thoughts. Perhaps at first there will be uneasiness or unrest, then pain may result. However, most humans have learned to ignore their symptoms or mask them with pharmaceuticals or addictive substances.

There are many cases of “miracles” in which people’s tumors spontaneously dissolved, bones healed rapidly, heart diseases cured overnight, etc. Many times these miracle cures came as a result of fervent prayer. This is one clue that “loving” thoughts can “undo” the damage caused by “fear” thoughts. As we meet together each day, we will be examining the cause and effects of thoughts and how they can be used to manifest anything you desire in your life.

We will now move onto a brief discussion of how the human mind operates. The mind is the center where “thoughts” generate. It is also the mastermind that operates all bodily systems. When you have “fear” or “love” thoughts, your mind automatically categorizes and stores this information. Scientists are proving that specific thoughts are stored in specific areas of the body. Your mind is very literal. It does not judge, it operates more like a computer, “garbage in, garbage out,” simply storing the information it receives.

When you continuously think and say things such as, “I am sick and tired of this or that,” you are actually programming your mind and body into being sick and tired! There is a little book by Louise Hay that we highly recommend purchasing as reference material. In “Healing Your Body,” you can look up a specific part of your body that is causing you dis-ease, and find some general thoughts that tend to create dis-ease in these specific locations.

For example, you may have a type of heart dis-ease. Look up “heart” and you may find that thought forms associated with it with include deep sadness. How many times have you met a very sad person who says that they have a “broken heart?” Their words and the emotions tied to the event or events that broke their heart are now manifested into reality as heart dis-ease! Do you understand the magnitude of this understanding?

This truth reveals your power as a creator of your reality! We will delve into this belief nearly every day of this calendar cycle, for it is the core of the reason why we are bringing you this information. It is our desire to show you how powerful a creator you are when you consciously monitor your thoughts, words, actions and power them with your e-motions (energy in motion). There is no thing that cannot be accomplished when you are consciously aware of how your universe operates.

We will now briefly go to the aspect of your self that we call “spirit.” Each of you has a direct connection to your spirit essence that is called your “Higher Self.” Many of you already have direct communication with your Source. Many operate on various levels of “intuition” or in-sight. Some of you have intuitive thoughts that you ignore. You often find yourself thinking or saying things like, “I knew I should have done that; now I wish I had!” That is a classic symptom of not following your inner guidance.

Each one of you is truly a “spirit having a human experience.” You each have a direct link to your Higher Self. That link continues all the way back to the Source of All. In addition, you did not come to earth alone. There are many spirit beings, including ourselves, on the “Other Side” who are available at any time for advice and support.

You are never alone. There are some guides who remain by your side at all times. There are others who come and go to help with “specialty” areas such as medical assistance, protection or computer help. We kid you not, when you need help with anything, you can be assured there are a myriad of spirit beings who have detailed knowledge related to it. After all, they are the creators of all thought and things that are manifested on earth and beyond!

Know that you are loved beyond what you can possibly imagine. We do not place judgment on any thing that you wish to experience. Like a genie in a bottle, your wish is our command. However, know that you must ask for our assistance for you have been given the special gift of “free will.” It is a law of the universe that none can impose their will upon the will of another. There are many who may try to deceive you, but it is you who has the ultimate choice to decide what you wish to think, feel and create in your reality.

Much of our work together will be to help you understand how you have created the reality in which you find yourself today. We will assist you in looking at those areas that no longer serve you and help you to discover ways to release these things. We will then help you to replace any thoughts, words and reactions into those that will assist you in creating “heaven on earth.”

Those of you who are skeptic are encouraged to continue to join us daily and to set aside those things that currently do not “resonate” with you and to incorporate those things that ring true for you. As you rotate through the cycle of the Tzolkin daily applications, you will find that there are many layers to discover. What makes no sense today may become a core belief of yours after you have removed several layers of debris that has accumulated over the years.

How many of you hold all of the same beliefs you had as a child? It is your experiences that caused you to change ideas about your self and others. As your ability to discern matures, so will your life choices.

We leave now to give you time to ponder these words and look forward to meeting with you again. We encourage you to take time to go within each day and take time to focus on your current belief programs and discover those that are still running that no longer serve you. It is similar to running a scan on your computer to discover and eradicate viruses.

Go forth and make this a joyous day for your self!

Selamet!  Akbal 3


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MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  4     KAN 4              


I am Kan and with the energy of Tone 4. We welcome you to this day of New Beginnings. In the original beginning, there was only Love and Light. It was a time of No Thing. In those “Days” there was no such Thing as Time or Space. All was in a state of Being. Then came the moment when the idea of “Separation” occurred among the All. It was quite an event to consider “Other” rather than “Being.” “Permission” was granted for this Grand Experiment.

What we would like for you to consider this day, is that you also have the choice to try “Other.” In your true essence Self, you came from a state of pure Love and Being. Back many eons of your Time, which in the Spiritual Realm is only a blink of an eye, your Soul Essence chose to be a part of this Grand Experiment.

Today you find yourself in the role that you have chosen to play. Many of you are gaining an understanding of this. Many of you are floundering around with little understanding of the perfection of your divine Self.

Either way, each of you is evolving, coming closer to the full memory of who you Are. For those of you having a hard time believing or understanding these concepts, we invite you to continue reading this message and to absorb that which you can. No matter where any of you are in your evolution, it is likely you can still work at becoming a kinder, gentler and more loving individual.

We invite you now to quiet your mind, letting loose any concerns of the day. Whether you call these times introspection, meditation, prayer or any other name, an important part of reaching deeper into yourself is through concentration on the intake and release of your breath. There are many methodologies on specific ways to breathe; all have their merit.

If you have studied a breathing method that is working well for you, then feel comfortable continuing to breathe in this manner. For those of you who have not studied specific breath meditations, we offer you a simple method. It is appropriately called “breathe in, breathe out” for that is all you do!

Retreat to a quiet space where it is least likely you will be disturbed. Being in nature is optimal, we highly recommend sitting against large trees. Sitting on your porch can be satisfactory, as well. Turn off all phones and electronic devices that will distract you. Get into a comfortable position. Allow your body to relax. Pay attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath in, hold it a moment, and then let your breath out fully. Repeat this at least two more times. Once you feel your body starting to release tension, go into your normal breathing pattern.

Imagine pushing a button on the left side of your brain temporarily shutting off distracting thoughts and concerns. Focus completely on your breath. Anytime a thought comes into your head, ignore it and go back to focusing on your breath. Anytime you wish to go within for solace or to connect with your Higher Self and spirit guides, first begin with setting specific intentions of what you wish to experience. This is true whether you are going within for solace, guidance or to regain your composure.

One aspect of the day of Kan is the seeding of New Beginnings. Is there something new in your life that you would like to experience?  Consider the multitude of possibilities that filter through your mind as you ponder this question. You are free to do this exercise anytime in your life, so don’t feel the pressure to choose the “right” one, for they all are accessible to you in any moment.

Perhaps there is an idea that has been coming into your consciousness lately that you haven’t taken time to give attention. It can be as simple as trying a new product or as complex as changing a career. Perhaps you are ready to change a new habit or belief code that has kept you from experiencing full joy in your life.

Choose one thought and give it your full attention. Push away any distracting thoughts. Visualize yourself experiencing whatever it is you have chosen. Release any judgmental thoughts that might arise, such as “That is too expensive. I don’t know how to do that. It is impossible for me. Others would think I am crazy.”

You have all been master masons, creating walls of fear and rejection. The goal in this exercise is to start taking apart those walls and exposing the true essence of Light and Love that you are. As you travel through the year with us, you will be given many opportunities to go within and shine a light on your inner shadows. There will come many “aha” moments when you “get it” until the moment when your light will be so bright that inner shadows will no longer exist.

The key to this exercise is to use all your senses while you are visualizing what it is you wish to experience. No matter what fears or judgments come up, stand firm with the knowledge that this is what you choose to experience at this time in your life. Begin to ask your inner Self for guidance on steps to take to achieve this goal. Ask for support and it will come to you in many ways. Push away thoughts that keep you from achieving this goal.

At times, it is good to practice those anticipated situations that may keep you from reaching your goal. Role-play them in your mind. Your unconscious brain does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. How many times have you felt yourself experiencing emotions while you were watching a movie or reading a book? At those times, your brain waves were reacting as though it were reality.

One way to push through fears is to imagine yourself in the scenario that you wish to experience, or a fear you choose to face and overcome. With your imagination, you can practice overcoming any fears or anxieties. Incorporate the use of your senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. For deep phobias, this may be very difficult in the beginning. Ask your spirit guides to be with you and support you. Know that you are the master of your thoughts and experiences. You can choose whatever you wish; you have the power within your being.

We will be sharing a variety of exercises and “shadow” aspects throughout the year. We encourage you to explore any avenues of possible solutions to changes you wish to make in your life. No one walks the same path; there are myriads of opportunities and ways to overcome fears and to experience joy. The only thing limiting you is your self, your judgmental mind and your fears. You can overcome any thing and live a life of uncontrolled mirth and joy! We are here to assist you in rediscovering your true essence and helping you to let your light shine as brightly as it once did in the Old Beginning!

Know this is possible and dream big!    Kan 4

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MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  5     CHICCHAN  5         


I am Chicchan 5. Today we welcome you to consider ways in which you can transform your life by shedding old patterns and belief codes that no longer serve you.

Take three long breaths and clear your mind of the concerns of the day. Focus on your breath, as you allow your body and mind to relax. Think of something in your life that you wish to shed or change. Keeping this thought in the forefront, look at what it is you wish to change from many angles. In order to make a behavioral change or to let go of a belief code, you would benefit from understanding how it came to be in your unconscious mind.

If it is a problem you wish to resolve, consider possible solutions. What benefits did you get by creating this as a habit in your life? How does it make you feel when you do this thing or how did it make you feel when you first noticed this behavior in your life? Weigh the possible benefits with the possible outcomes if you choose to keep this behavior or belief code. Will retaining this behavior or belief code lead you towards attaining the higher goals you wish to obtain in this lifetime?

Now you have a better idea of whether it is time to let go of this behavior or belief code. Acknowledging you have a “problem” or behavior that no longer serves you is the first step towards making a life-style change.

Next, we suggest you take time to step back and take an objective look at how you would like your life to be. Perhaps a list of the things that you currently find unsatisfactory would help for today’s introspection and future insights. Writing helps to de-clutter the mind so that you can more ably focus on possible solutions.

Lock onto one habit that you would like to change. Look at it from every angle possible. This can be done through your imagination. Remember that you are only looking at possible solutions. Free your mind to get “out of the box” and consider every thing, no matter how absurd or impossible it may seem. In many cases, the absurd and impossible actions may become the best solution, once you move past fears and limiting beliefs.

Write down anything that comes to your mind as to why you currently do whatever it is that you are focusing on today. Log both the pros and the cons, being as objective as possible. Remember that it is your fear or ignorance of other possibilities that is most likely to keep you from shedding this pattern. Have courage and know that if you choose to “try on a new skin” and it feels too uncomfortable, you can always return to your old way of living.

We encourage you to be like the lion in “The Wizard of Oz” and have Courage! The lion was afraid to try new things and quite often his own tail would startle him. Yet, there came a moment in his life that he grew tired of his old ways and chose to press through his fears and make a lifestyle change. Initially, he was very frightened, but with practice and support from his friends, his courage grew.

And so, we encourage you to call on us and your spirit guides for support. Any change you make in your life requires a certain amount of courage. As the good witch, Glenda knew, you each have within you the power to make the changes that you wish to see in your life.

Once you have weighed the pros and cons of specific behaviors and belief codes that you wish to change, then you are ready for the next step. Create a list of possible solutions or steps necessary to make the change. Know there are many paths to your final destination. Enjoy the journey along the way. Do not belittle yourself if you make what you or others might judge as “poor” decisions. If one thing doesn’t work, then “pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again.”

The human experience is simply that, a set of experiences. Although it may be difficult to find value in a set of circumstances that has caused you fear or pain, know that there are many benefits to these situations. Remind yourself that you reside in a world of polarity; where there is pain there is joy. Each experience you have allows an opportunity for growth. Each experience you have furthers your ability to connect with others who have had or are facing the same situation. For those of you with higher esoteric understanding, you will know that each experience you have benefits all and is a gift to the Source of all things. Through you, many others gain knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Everything you experience is stored in your body, creating a physical library. We will talk more about this in later messages. Know that nothing you do is in vain. You are valued beyond any measure you can possibly conceive. There is no “right” or “wrong” in anything you choose to experience. Our hope for you is that you choose what makes your heart sing.

We are here to assist you in whatever it is you choose to do, even if we know it will cause you pain. For you see, we do not place any judgments on you. For this reason, we suggest that you always ask, “What is for my highest good and the highest good of all involved.” We also suggest that you ask for guidance in selecting the most “graceful” approach, if you wish to have a smoother journey.

Your earth was created to be one of free will. We cannot impinge upon your free will. Although you entered this realm in a state of amnesia, you did make contracts to do specific things before you incarnated. This is the only way that you could come from pure love energy and experience “not love.”

For many of you, your contracts were to do certain things that humans might classify as “not good.” We have been saddened at the amount of pain and suffering that has been allowed. However, we are happy that each day more of you are regaining your state of balance and peace and making leaps and bounds towards experiencing unconditional love while in the human body. This is no easy feat and we bow before you as you continue along your path of evolution and enlightenment.

We rejoice each time one of you consciously calls on us for support. It is our goal to serve you and assist you as you move closer to the love and light that is your true essence. We leave you now and encourage you to move through your fears and unlock the secrets that will lead you toward eternal bliss.

Selamet!   Chicchan 5

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MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  6  CIMI  6


I am Cimi and with the energies of Tone 6, we welcome you this day. We would like to share with you ways in which you can further transform your life, continuing with yesterday’s sharings by Chicchan 5. In that dialogue, you were shown ways to go within and discover behaviors and belief codes that you would like to change in your life. We suggest that you review that process, then come back here with your intention for the day and continue to more fully make the transformation of your choosing.

Focus on only one behavior or belief code at a time. Place your attention clearly on the one you choose to work on today. For clarity and to help you maintain your focus, orally state or write your clear intention. You may wish to add the following statement, “for my highest good and the highest good of all, gracefully” at the end of your intention. This statement will take you to routes that are in alignment with your purpose for coming to earth and take into consideration the missions of others. By adding “gracefully” to the mix, you are ensured that the road will be less bumpy. This is not to say that you won’t encounter problems along the way, however, it does help to smooth out the path.

Quiet your outer world and state that you would now like to connect with your Higher Self. You can do this aloud or silently, taking time to focus your attention within. You may feel goose bumps or a murmuring in your heart when you consciously make the connection.

Relax your body by focusing on each group of muscles at a time. Place your attention on your toes; inhale while tightening your toe muscles. On the exhale, relax your toes. Next, rotate your ankles to loosen them. On the next inhale, tighter the muscles of your lower legs. On the exhale, relax those muscles. Then do the same with your upper legs, tummy, buttocks, back, upper arms, lower arms, fingers, shoulders, neck, jaw, eyes, etc. As you practice this exercise, you will learn to do this quickly, taking only a moment to relax each set of muscles.

Now, visualize yourself standing at the edge of a forest. With your helpers by your side and a clear focus on your destination, you are ready to begin your journey. After you have walked down the path a short way, you find yourself in a clearing with several trails branching in all directions. Which do you choose?

This is where your clear intention becomes of utmost importance. What do you want to experience along the way? What physical experiences do you want to have? Which emotions would you like to feel? Do you want to be kind or controlling along the way?

You will discover that each path offers unique experiences along the way. None of the paths are straight, making it is impossible to see what dangers and rewards will be encountered along the way. Clearly state your intention, ask for your choice to be for your highest good and the highest good of all, gracefully.

You may then choose to follow any path, or to look for one that is more illuminated than the others are. (This is also true when you are on physical trails.) Along the way, you can expect to be faced with choices to make. These are opportunities for you to experience what it is you wish to transform. If your choice is to stop smoking, you can expect to be faced with a myriad of opportunities to decline a cigarette.

When you jump each hurdle, you will gain more confidence and become more empowered. As you learn to make better decisions for yourself and trust your inner guidance, you will likely find that in most situations, there will be only two or three paths presented to you. This narrowing of choices is due to your fine-tuning, as you release fears and old belief codes.

For some, it will take great courage to go down certain paths. This is a sure sign that you have fears and belief codes that are affecting your ability to have a joyful life. Press forward anyway. In your imagination, there is no one to harm you or judge your choices. Let your creative juices flow and think as far out of the box as you can.

As you walk down each path, you will begin to see the possible outcomes for each step you take along the way. When you make one choice, you will see other paths branch out. Go down each branch and retreat back to the last crossing whenever you come to an outcome that is not to your liking.

For clarity, we will give you an example. Let us return to the example of the desire to stop smoking. You might set the intention, “I choose to stop smoking. I wish to do this in a way that is in my highest good and the highest good for all, gracefully. Thank you.” (Always remember to have an attitude of gratitude!)

You are now in the clearing and you choose the path to your immediate right. As you travel along the path, you see yourself discarding your cigarettes. You now encounter a branch in the road. On the path to the left, you get rid of all ashtrays in your house, perhaps keeping one or two for house guests. On the path to the right, you keep all the ashtrays where you normally have them, including your desk area, bedside stand and favorite sitting chair. These are the places that you enjoy smoking the most. Can you see how this one choice will either support or deter your choice to stop smoking?

You decide to continue on the path where you removed the ashtrays. As you walk this new path, you meet one of your smoking buddies who offers you a cigarette. Do you accept the cigarette or decline it? You can give in and smoke your “last” cigarette with your friend. If you choose the path where you decline the cigarette, you encounter another decision. Do you tell them you are trying to stop smoking with an attitude of “poor me” or with excited determination? Whichever choice you make will lead you to a new path.

In this case, you continue on the path where you have gracefully declined the cigarette after telling your friend how excited you are to be making this life change. Since this is your first encounter, perhaps you chose to feel the need to justify your choice to stop smoking. While doing this, you did a bit of preaching and suggested your friend stop smoking, too.

Soon, here comes another smoking buddy. This time you again gracefully decline the cigarette and justify your reasons, but decide not to tell your friend to stop smoking. Eventually, as you walk your path, you no longer feel the need to justify your reasons for giving up smoking. You also lose the need to preach or be righteous because of your choices.

As you walk along, each time you choose the paths that lead to your desired goal, you become more confident and empowered. There may be times when the temptation becomes overwhelming and you revert to old habits; understand this is normal and acceptable. There is no “right” or “wrong,” it is simply a choice you made in that moment.

You may find others judging or ridiculing you for choices you make in your life. Learn to understand that it is their opinion and although it may be true for them, you do not need to take it on as truth for yourself. What is important is for you to choose what is right for you, without feeling guilt or shame when you don’t follow your own advice.

When you are ready to continue, simply “pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again.” Walk each path, experiencing the behaviors you choose. Keep in mind that often it takes years to develop a habit, so don’t expect to break them in one day. Once you have adopted a belief code, it becomes the corner stone for others that you adopt in the future.

Although there are times when a change occurs in the “twinkling of an eye,” in most cases, it takes observation, diligence and patience to replace the unwanted habits. Through perseverance and the falling away of old habits and belief codes, one day you will find yourself no longer having any desire to smoke. You will have reached your destination. From there you may choose to help others along their path to quit smoking.

We are here to “in courage” and support you. We hold no judgments regarding your decision to experience any thing. Our mission is to serve you, for that we receive much joy. We encourage you to reach higher than you have ever reached before. Be creative! Know that your wish literally is our command! You can have anything your heart desires.

The universe is endless and boundless. There are some universal laws that we all have to adhere to. These were set in place during the creation of your universe in order to allow the specific experiences unique to humans on earth. Know that before your incarnation, you were in agreement with these laws. All other choices are free for you to choose.

We take leave of you and suggest that you take time each day to go within and work on creating a life of pure joy and love for yourself.

Selamet!  Cimi 6

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MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY 7     MANIK  7


I am Manik, the gatekeeper to the door of silence. This is the silence found by going within. Take time now to walk through this doorway by quieting your inner mind. Let go the worries of the day. Regulate your breathing as you focus on relaxing your muscles. Take time to pay attention to your breathing as you go deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation. Build an attitude of gratitude by paying attention to blessings in your life. Give thanks to yourself for the good deeds you have done to others. Know you are loved beyond measure.

You have now entered the world of silence. This is a place of no thing and no time. All around you are swirls of energy, each with the ability to become any thing that you desire. This is the place of infinite possibilities. With your clear intention, you can set into motion the objects of your desire.

We in the “angelic” realms are masters at pulling this energy from the “ethers” and molding them into form, including that which you call space and time. Have you ever experienced driving a car or being involved in a project and time seems to go very quickly? Have you ever been in a traumatic situation and time seemed to slow to a near stop? Have you ever wanted something so badly then it came to you in a magical way? Have you ever witnessed a miracle healing after a person or group of people prayed for the healing to occur? Have you ever lost your keys then unexpectedly you knew where they were, even if they were in a place you know didn’t leave them?

These experiences and many others are the result of our ability to manipulate the energy fields and create your reality. You too have the ability to do this. Most of you have “forgotten” how to do this, due to the state of amnesia that was required for you upon entering this incarnation. However, times have changed and the veils between the “seen” and the “unseen” worlds are becoming thinner.

Many children today are arriving with the memory of their prior existence in the spirit realm. These children have amazing abilities. Some are very intuitive and psychic while others have incredible knowledge related to such things as computers, music and art. Many can see spirits on the “other” side; most are telepathic. If these abilities are nurtured, these children will be able to reach their full potential at very early ages.

The earth is currently “in crisis.” All of the manmade structures relating to government and religion are on the edge of collapse. The restructuring process can be done gracefully or torn apart rapidly then rebuilt. The choice is up to the people. There are many who walk among you with the ability to restructure with a state of grace. They have incredible knowledge of the inner workings of the creation process.

Many of these people are now in their 30′s. They are the forerunners and parents of the children currently incarnating with fuller memory of life on other planets as well as knowledge of the spirit realm from which all of us have come. They are not “saviors,” they are like you and me, one more cog in the machinery. However, each cog is of utmost importance to keep the gears gliding smoothly.

The generations of people who are now in their 40-80s allowed those in government and corporate positions to define their world. Personal power was given to those “in control” to the point that now most of you are little more than slaves to the system. It is time to regain your power and to allow yourself to blossom to your full potential. This will take time, effort and courage to re-mold yourself into what you would like to be.

We would like to encourage you to take time daily to silence your outer world and to dare to dream your life into being. Call on your angelic helpers any time of day or night. In our realm, there is no sleep, as you know it. Time does not exist. We can be in many places at the same time. There is no matter that is too insignificant or too immense; we are here to serve you. It gives us great joy to help you experience any thing your heart desires.

Many of us have never incarnated on earth. In one sense, we live “through” you. You are our eyes and ears. Living on earth is not an easy task; we admire those of you who chose this route. Before you incarnated, you made contracts with some of us who remained on the other side of the veil. Many of us, such as the Mayan Day Keepers and Archangels are general overseers of the “bigger” picture. We were part of the original designers and creators of this universe. We know the inner workings and are quite capable of literally creating something out of “thin air.”

This universe was set up with the law of “free will.” We will not do anything against your will, although there are “tricksters’ who are capable of luring you down paths that may lead you to undesirable goals. It is your choice to decide what it is you wish to experience. We cannot help you achieve these goals unless you ask for our assistance.

There may have been times when you received something you wanted without consciously asking or praying for it. When these things occur, it generally is because it was a deep desire, often on a subconscious level. Many times, humans want something very badly, but for a variety of reasons, they don’t feel they can attain it, so no formal prayers or requests are made. However, we on the angelic realms can “read” your energy signatures.

Be it known that every thought you have and every desire you contemplate manifests itself into form. When it is a fleeting thought with little passion energizing it, the thought form floats by like a small wisp of smoke. At times, these little wisps may bump into a like-minded wisp and cling together for a while. However, when thoughts energized by passion collide into each other, they stick together, creating an opportunity to manifest into something physical.

This is how the world as you know it was created. Initially, there was a large group of souls who brainstormed or “thought” this universe into existence. They decided how it would operate and were given a “time period” for its existence. Every thing was carefully designed; the symbiotic relationship between all things was chosen. For final fun, many of the creators decided to allow a portion of their Selves to enter into the realm and be a part of it. Most chose to come as humans, many have experienced lifetimes as animals and some have even come to experience being a blade of grass!

The creation of this universe is indeed very much like a group of people writing a play, creating the plot, designing the sets and musical accompaniments then playing the roles as the actors. What you are witnessing now is the final stage of the play. What will happen next is the tearing down of the scenery and a re-writing of the plot. In order to create the next play more economically and with less effort, the set designers may use the same materials with basically nothing more than fresh paint and a few new screws.

And so, as you re-create your governmental and corporate policies, you can either throw the systems out completely or re-write policies that service the good of all. We are here to support whatever it is you wish. Our main goal at this time is to assist each of you in remembering your true “roots” as spiritual beings. Once you understand how the creation process works, it will be much easier to make the changes you wish to see. This can be done literally in the “twinkling of an eye.”

However, let it be known that chaos will still reign as long as there continues to be factions on the “good” side as well as the “bad” side. What is of utmost importance is that each of you fully understands that in order to have “heaven on earth” you must learn the basic skills of unconditional love and respect for each other and every aspect of reality, including all of nature.

What we wish to impart to you today is to find ways to create peace and harmony every moment of your day, no matter what frustrations are presented to you. As you learn more of the dishonesty and treachery imposed upon you from those in places of authority, it is imperative that you quickly move from anger to compassion. The energy of love flows freely; fear and anger glop together and can cause extensive problems.

As the days pass, we will talk more about the purpose of “negative” thoughtforms. Although they may be deemed as “bad,” they are of utmost importance for this play. How long would you go to plays if there were no drama or angst? If all plays were “airy-fairy” and lovey dovey, they would soon bore you. It is likely that audiences would clamor for more “good guy-bad guy” drama.

Before any worlds were created, all existed in a state of perfect love. There was no sense of time or space. All that existed were like wispy clouds, floating in and out. There was no such thing as being an individual, all simply was one. There came a time when the essence of One wanted to experience “More” and through many eons, innumerable episodes of ‘Separateness, Individuality and Not-Love” have been experienced.

It is important to understand that in order to experience “Not Love,” you must have some that are only “Love” become the “Not Love” actors. I recommend reading Neale Donald Walsch’s children’s” book entitled “The Little Soul and the Sun.” This parable can assist you in better understanding the creation of your world and the importance of not judging others as “good” or “bad” or “less or better than” others.

We encourage you to take time each day to go within yourself and ask for guidance to better understand the workings of your universe. You will be guided to books, videos, websites and people that can assist you in understanding more about your world. Follow your intuition and allow yourself to walk along the path of discovery. Know that no thing you do is “wrong” or “bad.” All you do is simply an experience.

Know that these experiences are recorded in your body as well as in the history books of your universe. They are not recorded to place judgment on you; they exist to be accessed by others who may want to watch your “movie” without personally experiencing all that you went through. Would you rather watch a war movie or actually be a soldier on the front line? Would you prefer to be an Olympic athlete and go through the rigorous training or simply watch the games on television?

Each of you is living a unique existence. All of you are operating on different levels of understanding and awareness. Any of you who are aware of the “Akashic Records” is able to temporarily live any experience you desire through another’s experience. All of you on earth, in every moment is writing and living a unique play that can be enjoyed by others. You are each a unique teaching guide, for others can watch and learn from what you experience. Just as you learn from your experiences (touch something hot and you get burned), others can watch your “movie” and make choices regarding what they would like to experience.

These records have existed for eons and are invaluable to those who wish to leave the “Oneness” and “Individuate.” As you read this, you may feel there is an invasion of privacy or feel “creepy” that others can view you at any time. We wish to let you know that we are not “peeping toms” and there is no judgment being placed on you.

Before coming to earth, you made various contracts. You may have chosen to close your records to anyone other than yourself. You may have allowed your spirit guides to have access to your records. Your neighbor cannot peek into your records and spy on you. Access is only permitted by those your Higher Self and the Keepers of the Records allow.

It may be hard for you to fully understand the Records and how they operate, but in time you will re-member and know how to access them for your personal gain. Our main message for today is to encourage you to go within often and learn ways to remain in a state of peace and harmony so that you can make better choices when it comes to creating the world you wish to live in. So much is possible and we look forward to the day when each of you is living in a state of joy and creating at a conscious level.

We so much enjoy working with you and celebrate those moments when another of you begins to create from a conscious level, with the goal of attaining perfect love while in the human form. Call on us at any time, for any thing great or small. We are with you always and have highest admiration for each and every one of you. Be kind to the animals and all beings on earth, for they literally could be someone who once walked the earth as someone you knew and loved!

Be in Joy, Selamet!    Manik 7

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MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  8     LAMAT  8


I am Lamat, with Tone 8. Today we would like to share teachings regarding the numeral 8. For many, when turned on its side, eight appears to be much like the infinity symbol. This is sometimes considered a symbol of abundance, in which an infinite supply of material wealth and gain is at your disposal.

Many of you fight within yourselves issues regarding monetary and material wealth. Why do you continue to hold these old belief patterns? Where did they come from? What possible reason could it be “bad” for any of you to acquire all you need and more? Why is it considered normal to struggle to make ends meet?

Limiting belief codes keep many of you at the level of poverty. This need not be so. Consider what good you could do in the world if you had more than you needed. At the least, you could free up a tremendous amount of time and energy that is currently expended on making ends meet or saving for a “rainy day.”

As you work with us throughout the year, we will offer many ways that you can create your reality. However, your dreams and goals will be limited as long as you hold onto fears and limiting belief codes.

For now, we ask that you begin to prepare yourself for the ability to receive all that we have to offer. Truly, the world is yours to co-create and to manifest whatever you wish to experience. There are legions of us on the “Other Side” who are more than willing to fulfill your desires.

As long as you feel yourselves unworthy of receiving an abundance of gifts, you will be blocked from having all you desire. Look back on your life and find those blocks that keep you from realizing the powerful and wonder filled person that you are. Dare to imagine how your life could change if you had all you needed and more. Where would you go? What would you do? What changes would you make?

Begin to make those choices today. Feel what it would be like to have a life of abundance. Dream big, for all is attainable. Know in your heart that all is possible. The more you believe, the faster you can manifest. It is our hope that you will choose to use the abundance we bring your way for the highest good for yourself and others. It is our wish for you and all inhabitants on earth to attain the highest possible vibration of love.

We know that it is difficult to focus on spiritual matters when your day is burdened with thoughts of survival for yourself and your loved ones. This is why we look forward to helping you attain all that you wish. Take time to look at what you sincerely wish to manifest and see yourself receiving the abundance that you deserve.

Break the blocks; key the locks.

Open the door and in it will pour!

Selamet, Lamat 8

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MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  9     MULUC  9


I am Muluc with Tone 9, welcome to this day of grace and peace. It is my pleasure to assist you in your ascension process. All humans on earth are currently in a state of evolution. Whether each of you remains in a state of conscious or unconscious living remains to be seen. All knowledge of your spiritual nature is available to you. Some choose to ignore the information presented to them, while others take time to investigate the possibilities and choose to integrate what intuitively feels best for you in the moment.

No matter whether anyone prescribes to what the Day Keepers or other spirit guides offers, the evolution will continue. It is one of the laws of this universe that nothing remains stagnant; all is ever evolving. Humans are one species on earth with the capability to consciously choose the pace they want to evolve.

Even if our words make no sense to you, there is still much that can be gained by the simple act of going within on a daily basis. For those of you who doubt the power of your thoughts, words and actions, take time to reflect on the current situations in your life. How did you get here? What has hindered you from attaining more of your dreams? Look at your blessings, how many came out of “thin air” without you or others putting some thought or effort into them? Even a lottery ticket holds the promise of a blessing.

There is no thing on earth that has ever been created or experienced that was not first a thought, then an action. Test this for yourself. Think of something that you wish to experience or gain. Make a clear intention of what it is you wish to experience or gain. Muster all the belief that it is now in the process of coming to you. Use your physical senses to visualize what it will be like when it arrives at your door.

If there are steps you need to take to make this a reality, take the first step. Once completed, take the next step. Watch for signs along the way. Many times we lay gifts at your feet that were missed in your haste to get to the destination. Learn to live in the moment, fully present; for it is in the present that you will receive the gifts (pun intended).

Set your intentions for the highest good for you and all involved and ask that they come to you as gracefully as possible. Expect to experience coincidences that will lead you to your destination or possible solutions that you hadn’t dared to even dream of. When there is passion around something you deeply desire, we will try to bring the highest dream to you, even if you are only asking for a smaller piece, for it is our hope that you will break through the fears that keep you from asking for the whole enchilada.

As you begin to understand the power within you, it is likely that you will begin to shed layers of behaviors and belief codes that currently rule your life, keeping you from experiencing all that you desire. We encourage you to move forward, holding your head high and facing any fears you encounter along the way. Push yourself, especially when you have those “feelings” of knowing that you are on the right path.

Many times you may encounter situations that feel uncomfortable because they are new or bring up a past time when you were presented with a similar situation that you handled poorly. What often occurs is that you are presented with the same situation repeatedly until you work through it. Although the exact scenario may not be the same, the basic premise is similar. Repeated patterns such as this are usually a sign for you to pay attention to an unresolved issue.

For example, how many people do you know who repeatedly choose similar partners, even if they complain about the way the mate treats them?  If her belief code relates to low self-esteem and not feeling worthy, she more than likely is playing the role of a victim. Unknowingly, she continually attracts partners with “victimizer” belief codes. Neither will break the pattern until one or both change their belief codes. Some codes are easier to break than others. Most are developed in early childhood and then are built upon as the child progresses through life experiences.

It is love of self and others that will break these codes. Compassion is the first step; this is learning to treat all with respect no matter what they say or do. Kindness is the next step: this involves learning to accept all people regardless of how they treat others. Forgiveness is another step, allowing others to experience whatever they choose without judging them.

No one knows fully what fears or belief codes others are working with. No one has control over what another person believes or chooses to do. No one has the right or ability to take away the “free will” of another soul. It is the act of trying to force or manipulate others into changing their beliefs and actions that is the crux of the problems within your societies today.

Rather than judging others, each person would be wise to spend their time and attention on creating their own reality. The world would be a much better place in the “twinkling of an eye” if each of you would take into account your own belief codes and change the ones that keep you from having inner peace and joy each moment of your life.

Where along the way did you lose compassion for others?  What is the reason why you are not being kind to others in any situation presented to you?  What “sins” have you placed on others that you feel they need to apologize before you can “forgive” them? What gives you the right to judge others when you are “imperfect” by your own standards?

It is when you can see that there is no need to forgive anyone and that you can truly love all others unconditionally that you will know that your homework is done. It is in this state of love that you will no longer have fear, anger, or resentment toward others or yourself. It is in this state of unconditional love that you can begin to enjoy heaven on earth, no matter if hell breaks loose tomorrow.

For you will have found that the only path to peace and joy is within you. It has always been there, but has been a bit skewed by your “stinking thinking.” Belief codes are simply ingrained habits. Look back on your life at things you just “knew” were absolute truths when you were young. Which ones have changed, and why? How many three year olds will tell you with vehemence that they are gonna be a firefighter or nurse when they grow up? Now they are grown and either they became a firefighter or nurse because they held onto that belief code or they are not a firefighter or nurse because they changed their belief code.

Every single belief code you hold true today can change tomorrow by your simple will to do so. Perhaps you will read a book or engage in a conversation that will create an “aha” moment within you. Now you look at the whole thing with new eyes. By taking time each day to reflect on your belief codes consciously, you may find yourself astonished at what you discover.

During the past few generations most of you have had information pounded into you without being allowed to decide for yourselves whether it is true or not. It is time to wake up and look at every single belief code you now engage in and decide if it still rings true for you. Take time to research your spiritual roots. Test your beliefs by engaging in conversations with others who hold different beliefs than you and ask them why they believe what they do. Open your mind to others’ opinions, you might find a grain of truth in them. Seek for answers and you will find them.

Try new things. If you are in a job that does not bring you joy, seek another. If you are in a relationship that brings you sorrow, seek another. If you are unhappy with your current housing situation, move. If your health is poor, eat better and change your negative thoughts instead of complaining to others, for that keeps you focused on the dis-ease.

Know that any reason you give for not moving forward in your life is simply an excuse to cover up a fear or belief code. You are never in a corner, even though it may seem that way. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you are likely to remain there until you accept responsibility for your actions that allowed it to happen. You may have had horrible experiences in the past, but it is time to take responsibility for your actions today and to heal the past wounds and move forward.

There is not one of you that cannot forge through old habits and belief codes and live the life you desire. However, it does take courage and it does take action. Your reaction to what occurs around you is a measurement of your “spiritual” growth. When you falter, don’t waste time and energy “beating yourself up.” Get up and try again. Have faith that you can attain anything you set your attention on.

If your attention is on “poor me” then you will forever be poor. If your attention is on your ailments, then you will forever be ill. If you attention is on, “I can’t do this because of lack of money, or lack of time, or lack of energy,” then you will forever be lacking. Take a good and honest look at where you are currently spending your money, time and energy and cut back on unnecessary expenditures. You will then have those resources freed up to help you move toward your deepest desires.

No longer blame others for their trespasses against you. It is impossible to turn back the sands of time. Forgive them and yourself then move onward. Anger and fear take a tremendous amount of energy; use that energy to move forward. Excuses create blocks to receiving gifts. For example, a person might need an item, but is too proud to admit he is having financial difficulties. It could very well be that someone he knows has the item he needs and would love to give it to someone who could use it. If the proud person never voices the need for the item, the connection can never be made.

Be open and honest with yourself and others. There are times when it is appropriate to let others know what you need and desire. How can someone let you know about a job they heard about that would be perfect for you if they don’t know you are open to changing your job? People who continually complain but don’t show any effort at making necessary changes are likely to attract the same kind of people. They will gather together at parties and whine the night away. How much more they could experience if they let others know their true desires and were open to new avenues. They would be celebrating with wine instead of whining!

We encourage each of you to dream your highest vision so that you can live it. Many of you have created such a busy life for yourself that you don’t have the time or energy to dream something new. We suggest you release some of the time and energy-consuming activities that you are engaged in so that you can renew yourself each day and learn to take charge of your life. Remember that you are always evolving, there is no “right or “wrong,” your world is simply full of possibilities to experience.

Begin today for that is where the presents (presence) are!

Selamet, Muluc 9

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MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  10     OC  10


Welcome to this day. I am Oc 10 and am here to offer my services to assist you as you walk your path of destiny. Today we would like to share ways you can improve your ability to manifest your desires. It is our hope that you choose to use this knowledge for your highest good and the highest good of all involved. It is our desire to see you develop yourself to the point where you unconditionally love yourselves and all creatures, great and small.

Today we will look at the aspect of nurturance. When we speak this word, most of you think of a mother caring for her child, or perhaps have thoughts of a gardener tending his plants. However, what is often overlooked is self-nurturance. Do you daily take quiet time to simply be? When is the last time you enjoyed a massage, a manicure or a day at the spa? If you have a partner, when was the last time you received special attention, such as having your hair brushed or head petted? Have you taken time to soak your body in warm water? Do you often stop and enjoy the beauty in nature? Have you taken time to read books or magazines that you find interesting? How often do you call someone to get their opinion on how you can improve yourself?

Many of you were raised to be slaves or servants to others; being taught that taking care of your needs first is an act of selfishness. For those of you who chose this as one of your basic belief codes, you eventually found yourself literally working your self to death to please your family, friends and co-workers as well as people you encounter during your daily routines.

It is no wonder most of you don’t have time to nurture yourselves. After so much time and energy is spent taking care of everyone else, there is nothing left for you. Even those of you who do have the time, energy and financial resources to pamper yourselves choose not to do so because of guilt, shame and unworthiness.

We are here today to encourage you to take the time necessary to go within and to look at the various ways you put others’ needs before your own. Is it a sense of guilt; do you find yourself unworthy? Are you trying to impress others with your acts of service? Do you feel you will be rewarded in some way if you do things for others? Be honest with yourself and without judgment, look at what you do with your time and energy.

Take time each morning, before you get out of bed and ask your body, “What do I need today to be full of energy and joy?” Once you learn to listen, you will find that your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Pay attention to your aches and pains; your body was designed with alarm systems to tell you when it needs food, water, and rest.

Do you feel hot or cold? Wear the appropriate clothing, even if it is not fashionable. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to regulate body temperature. Are you overworking your muscles? Do less toil and take time to nurture your muscles with a massage or warm bath. Have you considered petting yourself and thanking your body? There are myriads of you who think it taboo to touch yourself in loving ways. Hundreds of you cannot even look at your body in a mirror when you are unclothed. How can you ever expect to love another when you are unable to be appreciative of your own physical vessel?

We encourage you to develop a close, personal relationship with your body. Begin by gazing into your eyes while looking at your reflection in a mirror and telling yourself that you love you, that you are a wonderful person and that you are beautiful. Pay attention to your body each moment as you prepare to eat; ask your body what it needs. Listen to its responses. When you feel bloated, gassy, weak or tired, note what foods you have recently eaten and change your diet accordingly.

Take time to read labels on foods. Do the research necessary to educate yourself. With the age of industrialization came food additives. These are not natural and are extremely toxic to your bodies. Many companies use additives such as corn syrup to get you addicted to their products. Many additives such as aspartame are so foreign to the body that it doesn’t know what to do with it, so it stores it in its tissues to address later. This is one reason why people who consume an exorbitant amount of “diet foods’ actually gain weight!

Take time to research the effects of amalgams used to repair dental cavities. Take time to review the effects of toxic substances such as anesthesia and pharmaceuticals. There is an abundance of information available on how to prevent surgeries and cure cancers through diet and the use of herbs.

It is time to wake up and realize that medical practitioners are not “gods;” they do not have all the answers. You may have heard joking remarks about doctors “practicing” medicine. Well, indeed, this is what they do. Have you ever wondered why they order so many tests? Making a diagnosis is a guessing game. Through testing, they “rule out” possible diagnoses and treat the patient for what appears to be a specific problem.

The main problem with this method of diagnosis is that each person’s body is unique. A myriad of problems have created this state of imbalance in the body. What is not taken into account is the patient’s thought forms that allowed the dis-ease to manifest in the first place. We could continue with this dialogue, but will stop at this point so that we can continue with today’s topic of nurturance. We will be addressing health issues and the formation of physical, mental and emotional dis-ease at other times throughout the year.

Our point today is to take time to nurture your self. When you nurture yourself, you will feel more healthy and vibrant. From this physical state, you will have much more energy to be mentally healthy and feel balanced and in joy. This state of balance overflows into your emotional health, leaving you with the time, energy and desire to nurture your spiritual essence, as well.

Not until all four aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self are intact, can you truly nourish and nurture others. It is then that you can be of service to others in a more beneficial way. You will more likely be effective and nourish their needs, rather than coming from a place of co-dependence, guilt and shame.

Heaven on earth can be obtained when each of you treats yourself and others in a balanced way, coming from heart connections that nurture all. If you are an unhealthy or imbalanced person, this is what you will project. Your negative thought forms will continue to glop together causing dis-harmony in your life and throughout the universe. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of monitoring your thoughts, words and actions. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to “de-glop” these energies, so why create them in the first place?

We have given you enough “fat to chew on” for now. Please take time to review these words and to incorporate what feels right into your every day life. We bless you and commend you for your growth in this lifetime. You have demonstrated tremendous growth simply by being open enough to read these words today. We appreciate the time and effort you take to continue to grow in loving and positive ways. For not only do you nurture yourself, but you nurture each one of us in the “higher” dimensions as well.

Thank you for all you do!

Selamet!  Oc 1

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