The Shift of Time and Energy!


What an extraordinary kick-off to spring yesterday was!!  Granted, I woke up really late and didn’t have time to put a sharing together, but that extra sleep seemed to turn the joy faucet onto full capacity, because joy was running thru my veins from the first opening of my eyes to the last (and continues today.)  Maybe something within me already knew the day was going to be profound with understandings and revelations that just sent everything into holy cow-ness!!

Do you ever just read something and that something just lifts up off the page and wiggles around in a dance, like it is there to notice and feel with.  I had a precious soul send me a donation the day before yesterday with a message added to it.  I seen this come in just before I went to sleep… and (part of) her message went to sleep with me: “sending you love and…

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