Musing on Creating

The world is made of language (information). Reality is made of language. It is code and therefore open to interpretation, to being read in any way you desire it.

Fear is of the unknown. That is, not having the information. If you seek out the information then fear dissolves. The only bondage you have ever been in is to be afraid to see in more than one direction simultaneously. Something has had to be this or that, you have not allowed yourself to see that it could also be neither this nor that, or both this and that, or all of these at the same time.

Love is openness to any possible information and therefore, in love, you are open to knowledge and new experiences. You are open to reinterpret reality and create any reality you desire to experience.
If you can see beyond duality (black and white) to the multifarious, multicoloured view, the multidimensional expanded and inclusive view, you can draw experience from all or any chosen angle rather than one of two.

This says that there may be One truth but that there are an infinity of reflections of it, you have the code, how are you going to read it and create from it.

If reality is language then what you say is extremely powerful in creating what you experience. Perhaps in becoming conscious creators you could be much more aware of what you are saying and how much you speak. And this is not a self conscious judgmental “being aware”.
It is an awareness centered in the experience of lovingness which provides the field of an open, expansive, unified, wholeness of seeing and knowing.
Let your actions and Speak reflect these magnificent feelings of You.

Shine On
I Love You

source: ♥ Nicky Hamid ♥


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