Are you truly Awake or Asleep?

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by Steven. Wave 11:11

As someone who prefers not to attach labels to myself, this got me thinking – saying your Awake, is yet another “label”. In fact, ask most anyone and they will tell you that yes, they are awake! Actually, they are correct, because by whose definition and barometer is this measured? = the amount of Awake-ness Wink

Certainly, some will say there are different ‘levels’ of being AWAKE and ASLEEP. As the saying goes, “no one may walk in another’s shoes”, so therefore with this bit of knowledge, what does that tell us?! Only you and you alone, may determine what being ‘awake’ is for you. No one else! Just because some people are supposedly more informed or “up” on certain topics (spiritual or otherwise), doesn’t mean that they are “informed” about others. Each of us has our own ‘skill sets’.

Think about it this way, the more One knows or thinks they know, many times may just get in the way of BEing.

It’s been said, it’s so simple that even a child can understand it – and they often do so magically because children haven’t “over thought” all the possibilities, nor been subjected to all the programming dogma – built up on those filters!

The next time you start questioning yourself on not being worthy or knowledgeable enough on any topic, simply just remember you have a specific path/journey experience that is uniquely yours. Now it your choice on whether or not you choose to place the “good” or “bad” label on these experiences — just know that everything is ultimately as it should be and always for your highest good.

Curious how many so called lifetimes we have possibly experienced? Who really knows for sure or for that matter, cares! What truly is important, is being in present here and now. The past is done, the future of course is uncertain. Now is your moment… for you are the creator/architect what happens Next/Now.

Everyone is here in this life path dimension to learn, grow and experience from all sorts of perspectives, filters and degrees of separation. Upon completion of this “life game”, we once again remember our true essence as we unite with Source.


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