You are all Divine Transcendent Beings (2012 Explained)


Once upon eternity now, Original Eternal Creator existed! As far, as wide and as deep as thought could glide, Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence AM… During eternity now, AMThought’! I extend my consciousness into multiple unified sparks of eternal Co-Creator expressions; each with their own octave, all existing as ONE. I AM thought them in their own dimensional universe for the prime purpose of exploration in Love, Joy and compassion. And, so it is!

So, once upon eternity now, these multiple unified sparks eternal Co-Creator expressions also thought to extend their consciousness into multiple unified sparks of eternal Co-Creator expressions; Each with their own octave; all existing as ONE; They too, in their own dimensional universe for the prime purpose of exploration in Love, Joy and compassion. And, so it is!

And yet still again, this thought was repeated… Perhaps, thought yet again, and again, and again; Perhaps not… Over one-hundred and forty-four thousand individual eternal Co-Creator expressions, all from the Original ‘I AM’, all dancing to their own octave, yet all vibrating harmoniously as ONE and all synchronized in frequency as ONE!

As Co-Creators these Exalted Ones continued to will their thoughts into various creations. They created multi-verses, galaxies and solar systems and they themselvesbecame suns, stars, planets and moon. They continued exploring and experimenting in ways never done so before. Beautiful, glorious, and magnificent in variety and all dancing to their own octave, yet all vibrating harmoniously as ONE and all synchronized in frequency as ONE!

Worlds are filled with firmaments and duality; “As above, so below”. Atmospheres, magnetospheres and stratospheres are also evolved: From the collective consciousness throughout the multiverse, worlds were seeded. Gender is created; language and the spoken word instituted. One planet is named Earth, and the expressions there are named Hue-Man. All dancing to their own octave, yet all vibrating harmoniously as ONE and all synchronized in frequency as ONE!

With rapturous ineffable excitement did the multiverse extend and abound. Waters filled the planets; Grass, flowers, bushes and trees after their kind; oceans, seas, lakes and pond with expressions of swimmers, wigglers and floaters after their kind; land creatures, walking, sliding and creeping after their kind; winged fowls that fly or glide after their kind and all are rejoicing, all dancing to their own octave, yet all vibrating harmoniously as ONE and all synchronized in frequency as ONE!

Creation continues and only Earth is bathed with Free Will and chosen as the metropolis of all that is. Free will being introduced made Earth the most unique and esoteric expression in all existence. Earth received eternal Co-Creator expressions or now (Gods, Angels, Monads, Souls or Light Beings) from all over the multiverse. Gods met and shared experiences and ideas for even greater explorations in thought. It was decided that Hue-man would not have a Soul; Instead Hue-man will be a SOUL. Now Hue-man is the most prestigious and most magnificent of all created SOULS and Earth, the most challenging and sort after of all schools in existence. All is in a sacred harmony of ecstasy and every new thought evolves and expands the collective. Earth stands now at the leading edge of thought in the multiverse; all dancing to their own octave, yet all vibrating harmoniously as ONE and all synchronized in frequency as ONE!

But! Some Gods began a thought process that caused a firmament to form as layers. Layers formed upon layers which caused density or weight. A firmament of a thickness began to appear. Since earth was a free will region, every Light Being is free to experiment at will. At some eternity now the frequency of some of these Light Being’s lowered ever so slightly causing their dance to alter. Their higher ‘Co-Creator Self’ lovingly caution them about this thought they were expressing. Solidification resulted, a mutation was brought about and creation devolved into a world of third dimension (3D). Again their higher ‘Co-Creator Self’ lovingly attempted to caution them. At some moment in eternity now, ‘time’ was created which made it possible for the sensation of longevity. Again and again their higher ‘Co-Creator Self’ lovingly attempted to caution them. Hue-Man is also being manipulated into this lower frequency. With a totally different frequency, these once glorious Light Beings are considered as Dark Cabalist. Though still master geneticist they placed meticulous and intricate attention into their now more controlled, enslaved Hue-man Kind.  These Dark Cabals began to alter the most intricate of Hue-Man’s Deoxyribo-Nucleic-Acid.

Hue-man’s glorious crystalline body was changed into a dense carbon based disgrace. Time and time and time again their higher ‘Co-Creator Self’ lovingly attempted to caution them. Ever so imperceptible did an unconscious change manifest into a mysterious state of mind which we will refer to as Deception or SLEEP. Hue-man also was a part of this mysterious mental state. These Dark Cabals began spending more and more time, even merging and mating as they came to see the daughters of man as fair.

By now these Dark Cabal’s state of deception was much deeper and their reception of all thought was being processed through this mental state which we call today the ‘EGO’. A lower energy grid was developed because in their new world there was no energy to sustain their life. They inconspicuously willed themselves lower and lower, thought upon thought, until these gods caressed themselves by incarnating, deeper into this lower vibratory world of ‘EGO’; at which time they were swept into the illusional thought! – ‘This newly created world is real; we are separate and so they no longer could remember who they truly were!

As hue-man’s thoughts continued to devolved an entirely new consciousness developed. Separation, civilizations, societies, countries, rulers, rules, statues, customs and laws were enacted. As time continued to seemingly pass, experiments in mind alteration began. At first various types of plants were used to sedate the mind, then more powerful chemicals as drugs. Lawful prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs came into use. These drugs were then placed in the food supply, water and other liquid beverages. These drugs were placed on plants and in the ground on farms. All to keep your mind weak & sedated so that you would not, could not, thought not, to ever wake up. Thoughts of competition, games of Win or Loose, television etc… are all lower frequency distractions; sedative type drugs of a different sort.

Dedication to and childish beliefs in, religions, are also inextricable mind altering drugs that bind you to negative thoughts, strange concepts and twisted principles. These traits empower the very illusion you will someday seek to escape. Deep rooted religious beliefs drown you in a drunken stupor of impatient discuss, anger, fear and even hatred against all that do not believe as you. This low vibrational egotistical thought that believes, “I am right and you are wrong”, has lasciviously bathed your mind so thoroughly that may take the passing of comic years, before one ever frees themselves from such debauchery.

All desperately fight for the approval from a god who is believed to intervene in daily affairs. From battles won or loss, illnesses imposed or cured, good fortune given or taken away – you believe. The demands this god places on you by asking for the death of your child as a sacrifice for sins and just before the unthinkable… One is stopped, only to be told that this was all done for their benefit. What an evil, sadistic trick; yet you explain it away.

You are told who and when to kill but at the same time commanded, “Thou shall not”. Your highly respected kings are reverenced, even though they too indirectly commit the formal ‘Thou shall not’ and all because of an uncontrollable lust for another man’s wife. The service of obedience that you render is not done by a love of free will. But instead your obedience is rendered because of an ever present threat, looming over head concerning an everlasting punishment in a lake filled with Fire! This type of belief renders you a helpless victim to a demanding and merciless tyrant.

Believing that you are unworthy, filthy, disgusting sinners in need of blood from a human carcass will render forgiveness and thus salvation.  A human sacrifice; but you believe it without question, hook, line and sinker. These cabals feed upon such low energy vibrational thoughts. This is why they introduced this manner of insane thinking. Many of you are even possessed by these cabals, without ever being aware. Perfection need not be obtained, only remembered. There is a Law based on Attraction, it is a universal law. It has enabled every one of you to attract (create) by will. Though what you attract appears right or wrong, moral or immoral, negative or positive, you will always get the very essence of your thoughts.  The world that you live and see today is the manifestation of all of your life’s thoughts. Thoughts become things…

Very many cosmic days have since past. (4.3 Billion of your Years = 1 Cosmic Day) You have always been and will always be Loved and Connected to Original Eternal Energy Source. As Light Beings, extensions of Prime Creator thoughts; you must put forth effort to remember that you are having a hue-man experience; Yet we dare not overlook the fact that though you have been intentionally altered and now seemingly have drifted out of frequency; to be incarnate on Earth at this time is a most wonderful and magnanimous opportunity and the experiences you learn will benefit you and the multiverse. And I AM said, “It is Good!”

This cycle or Shift of 2012 is causing the old low energy on earth to increase to peak intensity. This will ensure that all who desire may accept, evolve and awaken during this shift. As this conscious shift continues, a new awareness is spreading over the entire planet.

However, many of you will still experience rejection of this seemingly new perspective in consciousness because you stubbornly harbor low frequencies such as prejudice, jealousy, anger, resentment, fear and other egotistical thoughts.

Yet this illusion, though seemingly a sleepy mistake, is continually providing a multitude of unlimited learning opportunities. You and the multiverse have and will continue to benefit from this exploration throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. Lessons of acceptance, forgiveness, compassion are all attributes of LOVE. Remember, you are at the leading edge of thought in all of the multiverse. No Sovereign Being has ever traversed so deep in illusional thought by sleep or so far out of frequency and returned.

Consequently, it is essential to keep reminding yourselves that you are manifesting an illusion, this experience never happened. Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exist. Remember, all things work together for good.  You have always been connected by a spark to ‘I AM’.  As you open your hearts to release low unloving vibrational thoughts of ego and accept the abundance of Prime Creator’s infinite Love, the dance of your vibrational frequency, unequivocally retunes itself and intensifies in strength within you.

Forgiveness of yourselves, and of those who you think have hurt you, is essential because an unforgiving attitude is another low vibrational (energy) thought supporting and maintaining your illusion. You must let go of all old 3D (Third-Dimensional) low energy thoughts. Only in this illusion is it possible to hate, resent, judge, and condemn, as these are unreal mental concepts that do not exist. The more intensely people express these unloving attitudes and beliefs, the more they continue to vibrate at a lower, out of tune frequency.

By forgiving those that hurt you, loving those that hate you and blessing those that despitefully use and prosecute you; a new consciousness evolves in your heart. Your vibration is increasing. Your clear frequency is returning. By accepting and forgiving, you are able to now see the divine spark within everyone, including yourself. You have come to realize that there is nothing to forgive because you and they are loving expressions of the original I AM. You have been buried under layers of illusional beliefs in worship, obedience, sacrifice, pain and suffering.

But it is now time to awaken and remember that we are all one, joined and connected, yet having an individual hue-man experience. And now as Mother Gaia, earth, comes to the end of another 26,000 year cycle, this illusion, for many, is approaching the moment of its dissolution. Many of hue-mans are preparing to fully awaken from this mysterious nightmare we call sleep and into Eternal Spiritual Reality.

As stated before, many cosmic days has gone by in the ever so loving attempts to awaken you from this illusional world of low frequency thought. As you increase your efforts to adopt and put into practice a loving attitude, the supports upon which this illusion depends will continue to erode.

Many of you are soon to awaken from this sleep into the stunning realization of your divine heritage, and recognize yourselves and all others as beings of Light, thought extensions of Prime Creator. This illusion will be gone for many and with it, all that made life an apparently losing struggle against the EGO, servitude, disease, lust of the flesh and death.  Many of you have already awakened and as the moment of ascension rapidly approaches many others will also. I urge you to believe this missive and I promise that you will not be disappointed because disappointment is impossible in Reality.

With love, Dr. Ali

Now is the time to Wake Up!


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