by Path of Light

The moment one realizes and accepts, we’re ALL AWAKENING; NOW.

The fight is over.

There was no fight to begin with.

We are ALL part of a much grander-scheme.

An experiment in Duality.

A mass, re-awakening.

A massive-expansion of consciousness.

The experiment has ended and the reunion begins.

Let go of material possession.

Embrace the Shift.

Shed fear and make way for LOVE.

“Sit back and enjoy the ride”.

We’ve all taken part in this duality-experiment, multi-dimensionally; role-playing as both divine and un-divine.

Male & Female.

Captor & Captive.

Embodying Love & fear.

We experienced knowing “other Selves” to remember and acknowledge “our own, Self”.

One Self.

So we could grow.

So we could mature.

Contributing to the expansion of Source-Consciousness.

We’re waking up……..from a slumber.

BE patient.

Other Selves will also re-awaken soon.

Enjoy these Eternal moments.


Path of Light


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