Kick Fear to the Curb

source: Ancient Wisdom Trail,

© Frank J. Austin, Manyhorses (Teacher)
Barbara M. Moreau, Angel who Dances on the Clouds

kickingfearThe psychology of facing your own demons is to face your own fears-kick denial to the curb. There is only one person who can be absolutely honest with is to yourself. That is the only way you can make changes is to admit to yourself the part you played in it, only you-and to face your demons and kick them to the curb too.

In this process walking through the ancient trail, dealing with your issues you come to the place of no fear. I am not afraid anymore, I have my spirit back, my self love, respect, honor, integrity and pride as a human being with a heart. In this walk we learn your body becomes a sanctuary like a holy temple and no longer do you have fear because you faced the big demons and you continue to face them as you walk to help others. No fear. That is one thing that the teacher I work with has is no fear, where love is pure and unconditional-being one with all things that is sacred, there is no fear.

Fear has its own spirit, its own life-this is a part of the spiritual teachings that we share…when it is denied that they do not exist that leaves a person open to be played with. People who see things simply say oh it is my mind playing tricks, oh it was just a scary dream or they right out ignore what is in front of them. Facing the reality that demons, dark spirits or walk ins exist is not scary at all, it is knowing they are there, they are real and knowing how to get them to leave you alone once and for all is the key to understanding to use the tools shared and being in that center of who you are…the Christ Child that is born pure.

The dark ones will come at you seven times before they will leave you alone. They will also come at you when it is sent by others with bad thoughts such as gossip, judgments, denial, criticizing and ownership…and the list can go on and on. They come at you when you help people too when you are helping people, when you help lots of people, the big ones come after you and they also come through people they own…these people will send gossip, judgments, criticizing, denial, etc. When you are the light there is no room for darkness. You don’t give the darkness any reason…all you have to do is think negative and you are giving it permission to come into you. Always straight from the heart so that your words, thoughts and everything is pure light.

Using energy balls is a good way to get them away from you…as shared in a previous note:

“When you are faced with any type of fear or negative emotion, remember “WHO IS THE BOSS”, remember each negative emotion has life-it has a spirit…TELL IT TO LEAVE YOU ALONE AND BLOCK IT. How? Easy, use an energy ball. First rub your hands together, open them about six to twelve inches apart, you will be able to still feel the energy. That is your own personal energy. Move your hands to make a ball in between them. Now think of someone you truly love, your grandparents, your parents or your children and breathe I love you. Now feel it, it is STRONG. Talk to the energy ball, ask it to remove any negative emotions, bad thoughts, bad spirits, or any negative energy from your sacred space, to block it, and state “I block all negative thoughts, curses, negative energy, negative spirits and noogies, from this day forward-send them back to the Creator to be blessed and purified, only divine love, divine light and divine energy is allowed in my sacred space, I take my permission back, my power back and my pure sprit back”. Be firm, feel it, deep breathe with I love you and blow it….it is that simple.

We carry the light in our walk and we share it for others, the wisdom they need so they have to fear. That was easy…

Made with unconditional love,
Barbara M. Moreau, Angel who Dances on the Clouds
Frank J. Austin, Manyhorses (Teacher)


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