Awakening of the Heart

source: Ancient Wisdom Trails, Orally spoken by: Frank J. Austin, Manyhorses (Teacher)
Typed by: Barbara M. Moreau, Angel who Dances on the Clouds

awakened-humanLearning in your walk in total healing of the mind body and spirit, the key element that works like a charm is first being absolutely honest with yourself, take responsibility for your mood, actions, thoughts and words. If you are part an issue, kick denial not only to the curb, kick it all the way to hell where it came from and you take charge of yourself that you can do it.

In realization, you realize that you are the only one who can do it, you are the only one who knows everything that you experienced in your life in the Absolute Truth (AT), being totally honest with yourself, you can burn a white candle, a camp fire, sit down by the water and start praying, take tobacco, prayer cloth-whatever is your strongest color, some food, and a piece of your clothing like socks or a shirt. You ask the Creator, your Grandmothers and Grandfathers, all your guides and teachers to walk in the Absolute Truth, to what you experienced, what you learned in the good and bad, not knowing the difference at that time thinking it was normal because you see it going on around you. You ask all the spirits to walk with you, and you relive your past right from the beginning, not backwards, the beginning.

When sitting by the candle, fire or the water, the reason for talking about your life’s experiences and your walk in healing of your heart is so your body feels the vibration and hears your voice. That’s how your body heals itself because your body knows your voice. Taking full responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and the actions that took place in your life. Being young and not knowing any different and being gullible and vulnerable, once you sit by the fire you talk about your story.

Remember you are talking to the Creator, your guides and spirits and they know exactly what you have gone through and what your thoughts were, once you have walked through all the psychological and physical abuse in most all areas of trauma as a young child you are just learning, you are being taught, you are given the tools to your actions today.

When you do it right in your journey of healing your heart, when you deal with the main issues of psychological and physical abuse in the absolute truth there is a domino effect that you will witness. You will understand why your relationship didn’t work, why you think and behave the way you do, you will look back and for the first time from your heart you will forgive your abusers because you understand now that who they are, they are reflecting their teachers who raised them in the positive and negative.

The teachers are innocent like you, they choice you made to heal yourself gives you those eyes to see, they psychology is amazing that is within also is the Absolute Truth, because you know it now, you feel it and you understand it. It take you into a place of self love unconditional, honor, respect, integrity and pride in who you are as a human with a heart.

The second phase is writing, your history of how you were raised, what you were taught, the experience that you experienced in your growing years in the good and bad in the AT without judgment, or criticizing, or denying your part in it. Remember your thoughts, your emotion at that time, what were you learning, what were you being taught, you are only a child, and the individuals know what they are doing, you are only learning, they are your teachers, what did you teach me, now I know the emotion I carry is what you gave to me.

So journaling and put it in writing and read it, is another way of facing yourself, your fears, it is like an onion, more will come for you to deal with, it will be a piece of cake for you when you understand the AT. It takes you to the most beautiful place of pure unconditional love, unity with all life force, harmony within, for all around you, you see, you hear, you understand.

All is wisdom, all is knowledge, all is self expression, to all those who were taught many different ways, they are expressing their teachers and you are okay with it now because you understand the innocence that goes down the chain of the family. It leads right down to the residential school that is where the seed comes from, from there you follow it into history, it goes back before Christ, it has been mankind’s way.

“Man” holds all the marbles, the true leaders are our women, our true teachers are our women. It is pure science to understand this, and it is so simple to turn the tables, the AT is the key, it is all mathematical, it is pure science, it is pure energy, pure unconditional love. Every time you write a page or two or three or four, when you are finish with it, when you have completely analyzed it, you wrap it with tobacco, some food, and piece of your clothing, you offer that to the spirits, the creator, so they will know that you are walking the Ancient Trail of our Ancestors to find your way home and you offer it to the water or fire.

When you do more writing start to write about who you are now and what you are and what you have become, embrace the gifts that you have also, in your prayers you let the ancient ones know that you accept these gifts that you come with, you understand now that we are all healers. Within us every one of us who has a heart is a healer, it is your choice to keep all your journal, what we did was offer it to the spirits and only kept a few.

Being a sketch artist, we did some sketching in our healing journey and managed to saved a few, who a good friend is holding, maybe one day I will be able to share those pictures with you. It is amazing how easy it is to heal your mind, your heart and your body follows-that is the best thing that I have ever done that completed my healing that made me solid and I have learned that we all have that psychology within us, all we have to do is activate it.

When you are completed this Journey your heart will be awake, your gifts stronger, you will see more, hear more and feel more. Speaking out is a way of letting go and there is only one person in this world that can heal you, it is your choice, we can give you the tools it is your choice on how you use it. You have to have the determination, passion, will and sincerity and you got it made.

You learn to respect you body, you find all kinds of ways to clean your body of parasites, worms, negative energies, traditional medicine, curses…use vitamins, minerals and start researching what it takes to keep your body well balanced and what products to take at your age.

The spiritual part can heal you completely but you need herbs, vitamins and minerals to take care of the rest, you learn when you experience the lowest vibration right where it is parasitic and dark in your healing of your heart, it begins to take you into a higher vibration and you can see and feel those dang little things leave you the higher you go.

You learn in your walk sickness does not exist in that high vibration and when your body is well balanced with what it needs in herbs, vitamins, minerals, good organic food and boiled water. The most important is learning to deep breathe with the ‘I Love You’ thought and power of intention of only good thoughts all the time, it is amazing you will get up and walk again. You turn your whole life around.

That is when the prayer that comes to you and you understand the words completely I am pure love, I am pure healing energy, I am pure divine light, I am the Absolute Truth in its purest form, I cannot be anything else but love itself unconditional. Then you understand the words of “All my Relations” to finish that “All my relations, I am Related to all Things, I am all Things, All my Relations” that is what our prayers mean when we say “All my Relations.”

Piece of Cake.

Made with Unconditional Love,
Orally spoken by: Frank J. Austin, Manyhorses (Teacher)
Typed by: Barbara M. Moreau, Angel who Dances on the Clouds


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