Healthy Me Finances ~ The 6th Step

awaken-small.pngOne of the great needs of individuals, and even of sincere students today, is to feel the necessity of giving time morning and evening to sincere meditation: to the stilling of the outer activity that the Inner Essence, The God Presence may come forth unobstructed.

Meditation really means – feeling – the Active Presence of God. Your Inner Essence. Therefore, when one attempts to enter meditation, one cannot drag all the disturbance of the day along with one. Consciously remove from the feeling and attention every disturbing thing, enter into your meditation to feel the “Presence of God”, which is your Inner Essence.

Successful meditation is an experience of Oneness. Taking time for the the activity of stillness is a lifestyles routine of the Student of Truth.

The statement given: Know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free, meant the recognition, acceptance, and Activity of the “Mighty…

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