Sirian Heaven

join hands

14 February 2013
Greetings, my beloved brethren of Earth, I Am Magatha of the Agarthan civilization. I am well aware that a rather great lapse in time has passed in your Earth time in which I have not presented myself and for that I apologize. I will explain now why this has been the case.
My dear Brethren of Earth, a lot is now in the process of shifting in your reality: mountains are litterally being moved as it were just to put the whole process in motion towards global Ascension and Disclosure. All those processes have now again speeded up to full development and consequently require an enormous support from all of us towards all of you and towards Gaia. Since these processes are all so intense for all of you, our advantitious assistance in the matter is more than welcome and needed as a lot will duly be…

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