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Channeled by Goldenlight, thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.

2/12/13 Note from Goldenlight: As all of you know, we were hit with a severe blizzard on the East Coast last Saturday. The part of southeastern Massachusetts where I live was hit the hardest because of the loss of electricity and heat for extended periods of time. I was without heat for 36 hours. It was a time of trial and tribulation for me, but also a time of inner cleansing and gratitude. As traumas from the past came up for internal cleansing, I lived through a dark night of the soul, emerging into a sunlight-filled day with the electricity back on. I was filled with gratitude and joy as the heat flooded my house and warmed me up.

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