Metaphysics 102: Five Ways To Raise Your Vibration (16:04)

Uploaded on Mar 8, 2011

Quick Correction: On the last video, I said that Robert Monroe called it “M-Band Noise”. Actually, it’s “H-Band Noise”. I will edit the video to include this correction.

NOTE: I guess some might ask – what’s the point of raising one’s vibration (or increasing one’s awareness) anyway. Well, imagine you’re walking across the street, but you can only see the cars coming at you. Well, you don’t see any cars, so you step off the curb. A car that was in your blind spot speeds up and beeps the horn, but you don’t notice it until the car is up on you. If you could hear, you would be able to move out of the way a whole lot quicker. Well, the higher senses are like that.

Bruce Lee said it best. Be like water friend. Water can displace and it can be displaced. It can change form and be added to form. It can mix and it can separate. The possibilities are endless with water. So, we should be “water with higher consciousness”. What I have presented in this video is simple, but our present environment is making us increasingly less aware of very simple truth. Complex concepts are based on simple truths. Simple truths are based on observation. Master the simple and the complex will come with ease. Remember, the Karate Kid. His teacher gave him a very simple task, so simple that it almost made the Karate Kid question the teacher’s ability to perform. Well, the teacher showed him. I’m sure you remember Kung Fu movies where some guy would do a lot of complex non-sense only to get kicked in the face by someone who had the fundamental moves mastered. Well, I say – get the fundamental moves down and you can always teach yourself the rest.

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