At one time or another most of us have seen Michelangelo’s “Creation of Man” panel from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. When Michelangelo painted the chapel ceiling in 1512 he actually never named the various panels, instead, we of the so called modern age, have given them names. Dr. Frank Lynn Meshberger of St. John’s Medical Center in Anderson, Indiana believes that the famous “creation” panel contains an image that has been misunderstood for 487 years–a brain that symbolizes God bestowing intellect on man. Over the previous half millennium scholars have interpreted the painting to mean God bestowed life on man. Dr. Meshberger however notes Adam’s open eyes and believes this suggests that he’s already alive. Dr. Meshberger researched Michelangelo’s private life and found that the artist had deep religious beliefs and used to dissect cadavers to study the human form for his art. The following drawing illustrate how…

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