Charging the chakra points of the body

Found this on my facebook page. ♥♥♥ Cynthia

An excellent exercise I enjoy is the charging of the chakra points of the body. It is quite simple to do and can be invigorating. To do this exercise start by relaxing in a comfortable seated position, and surround yourself with your protective energy bubble. As you say to yourself “I open my first (root) chakra”, visualize the first chakra opening up from a point of light to a large cylinder about six inches in diameter. Allow yourself to feel the flow of energy through the root chakra into and around your body. Abide in this energy for a couple of minutes. If you are drawn to a specific color allow it to flow through. Trust your intuition to guide you in the process of your self mastery.You will repeat this process for the other six chakras of your body. For each chakra simply open it with your voice command and visualize the action. Once this process is complete see and direct all the energies to begin flowing around and through your entire body. The intent is to now blend all of these energies into a harmonious and synchronized single pattern of energy.

You can extend the flow of energy along the lines of the nervous system, energy meridians, gland system or any other structure patterns of your body. By extending your energy up through the top of your head you may now blend in the energy of your higher self and the universal life force of creation.

This exercise is excellent practice for learning to control and direct the flow of energy both in and outside of your body. You may want to complete this exercise by surrounding yourself in a golden or rose-pink light.

~ Dale Finnila


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