Judge Dale (#1 of 2)… “And the Rest will Take Care of Itself” (from RTS)

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the_judge_a_messageFirst of all, this article is from D at RTS. Second of all, I have no idea exactly who “Judge Dale” is. But I liked what he’s written here. And I have read a few documents he has written in the past (“The Great American Adventure”), and felt they would be helpful to a few, so I downloaded them and pdf-ed them, below. Feel free to download to your Heart’s desire.

Now one part of this that resonated with me, he mentions his “Galactic contact”. This is what attracted me to this article. We are all (some beginning, some farther along) recognizing and embracing our Galactic Citizenship. Part of that is caring for this planet. And I recognize now that this “OPPT (TOPPT) UCC” thing, is far beyond any “just planet Earth” deal. Anyway, more on that will come later. (SUGGESTION… Listen to the show)

Now here is

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