Lisa Harrison “Collective Imagination” Show 1-15-13 “TOPPT (OPPT)” with D of Removing the Shackles…MP3s

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lisa_harrison_collective_imagination_logo1This show on Blogtalk radio discussed many aspects of the OPPT documents, principles, and related intel from D of Removing the Shackles (RTS) (D comes in at about 42 minutes of this MP3).

I felt many of you would find this helpful as this OPPT story unfolds.

As I understand it, the 1111.1 document released today, is a significant one, and stresses the importance of the date “January 21, 2012” (inauguration date, anyone?), as follows:

“On January 21, 2013, if and when an OATH AND BOND is consciously made, it is known by the “Powers That Were” and those consciously involved in the Absolute Plan that this OATH AND BOND shall be duly secured and REGISTERED, and effectively lawfully and legally replace any and all that were executed for the sole purpose of guarding the one people. Others shall be duly executed and REGISTERED in kind. Furthermore, they consciously know…

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