Power of Creation…

The Power of Creation through Intention and Imagination

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We would like to speak with you about a simple but powerful activity that you can do to bring in the energies of the New Earth. Let us remind you that it is not necessary for you to know what the New Earth looks like or will be like. You only need to keep your heart-centered in a place of love. Now, more then ever is the time to provide yourself with a few minutes each and everyday to create, intend and imagine.

The energy of these words and activities are the same. As a child you were very tapped into the power of imagination. We would like you to connect to that power again. The power of imagination is extraordinarily important and will connect you to the free flow of creation and intention.

We would like to suggest that you begin each day with a few minutes of deep breathing into your heart center. Your heart center is the energy center located in the middle of your chest, on top of your physical heart. Simply breathe in and out deeply and slowly. Imagine that each and every time you breathe; you can feel it in your heart center. You may begin to see a bright emerald green energy or light. This is the energy of your heart and the pathway to creation. Keep breathing slowly and deeply, imagining or intending that your heart center is opening up and expanding. Your heart center is glowing brighter and brighter and is expanding with each breath. You may also begin to feel warm and a subtle vibration in the area of your heart.

Now allow yourself to place the feeling of love in the space of your heart center. Think back to a time when you felt love and allow yourself to remember that feeling and place it in your heart center. Just imagine that feeling being easily placed in the space of your heart. Your heart center will continue to expand when you place “love” within it. Your heart is now beating out love. You are breathing in and breathing out love.

With each heart beat and with each breath, imagine “the ever expanding love” to move out all around you. It first expands out into your room, then further out into your house, then outside your house. Feel it again, focus on your heart center and feel the love you placed there. Now breathe deeply and send it out further into your neighborhood, your city or town and allow it to keep expanding. With each breath and each heart beat you are sending out the energy of love. You are now allowing it to expand further outwards until the whole planet is surrounded by this wonderful energy of love. Imagine that you are looking at the planet from outer space and it is surrounded by a beautiful green glow. It is pulsating love with each breath you take and with each beat of your heart.

Take another deep breath and thank yourself, Mother Earth and all the inhabitants of your wonderful planet.

This activity should take only a few minutes each day. We promise that it will help you stay focused and centered in the higher vibrating energies and will greatly help Mother Earth. We recommend that you do it first thing in the morning or right before you fall asleep each night.

We love and honor you!

We thank you for the connection.

The Arcturian Circle

Source: http://ourreturnhome.com/


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