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Down The Rabbit Hole

First you might want to research (what is TM?)

Some people find it helpful to find a ‘guide or guru’ to help with TM. Although,  this is a simple technic I have posted here.


The basic method of transcendental meditation is not that different from other types of meditation. How to do meditation There are not any specific sitting positions that you need to adopt in order to do transcendental meditation.

Ok here are the basics: Sit down and get settled and comfortable. Make sure that there are no distractions.

Close your eyes, then allow your mind and body to relax. Breath slowly and deeply, let yourself feel the mind relaxing.

Say the mantra you have chosen softly and continue to repeat the mantra for about one minute. Making your voice softer and softer as you do so. Once you have said the mantra as softly as you can, repeat the mantra in your head, without saying your mantra out loud.

Feel the mantra and do not force yourself to concentrate on the mantra. Allow yourself to focus on the universe as well as the feeling of closeness and togetherness with the universe, while you continue to mentally repeat your mantra for about twenty minutes. If you forget the mantra, keep calm and allow the mantra to come back naturally.

Should a different thought enter your head, do not allow yourself to focus on it. Let yourself come back to your mantra naturally. Transcendental meditation is usually practiced twice everyday, once before breakfast and again in the afternoon before dinnertime.


Meditation is one of the best ways to simply be. There should be no time. No stress. No ego. The word “meditation” comes from the Latin “meditate”, which means “to heal”. You can meditate in silence or by repeating a mantra. You can meditate with prayer or by sitting in nature or by watching the flickering flame of a candle. Initially, it can be difficult to switch off the incessant thoughts, the constant checking of the watch, the negative thinking, and the internal planner who sits there deciding what to have for dinner and how to complete that project. You don’t have to banish these thoughts. Simply observe them and let them go. And after a bit of practice, you’ll notice your mind becoming clearer. Focus on your breathing. Feel the connection with everything around you. Simply be. With the present moment. Now. And now. And now…….. “There are guided meditations”. “Just go with whatever works for you”.

When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.

“Here is another of my favorite meditations I like to use before bedtime” ~a time when  we give blessings and before going into REM sleep (also known as paradoxical sleep)


Surround yourself with an energy field of white light. Call in your higher self to assist you. If you so choose request the presence of the Angels of the Golden Ray, the Ascended Masters of The Golden Ray. Imagine a golden tube running the length of your spine and straight into the earth to mother earth’s heart. Imagine the golden tube of light extending from your spine and into the sky. Bring in the Golden Ray of Light from the sky and into your golden tube. Expand this light within until you are the golden light itself. Breathe in Golden Ray of Light from the heart of mother earth and up through to the sky expanding this Golden Light until the Golden light from below and from above are fully merged within you and extending out of you and request that no part of your body or light-body or etheric body is left out. I do this in this before bed and at rising. I feel it helps to calm and at the same time energizes.

Hope you have a great meditation experience. Namasté

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2 comments on “Transcendental Meditation (TM)

  1. Although these instructions are better than the usual attempts by non-teachers to explain Transcendental Meditation, any short description is going to be useless in the long run, as it contains no instructions concerning the subtlety of transcending, no instructions about how to handle the environment of the meditator, and no instructions about how to handle the various kinds of experiences that may occur.

    There is just no substitute for the knowledge and experience of the teacher, offered in the form of an organized course of instruction.

    Maybe this article is good to give people an idea of how simple and easy the technique is, but no one should mistake this for the actual comprehensive course of instruction in Transcendental Meditation, available everywhere in the world.

    And TM is not the same as other forms of meditation. It feels deeper, works better, and has actual scientific validation (hundreds of published studies).

    David Spector
    Natural Stress Relief/USA

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