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toppt_logo_border5I’m posting these here with the intent that it may clarify some things for people about this TOPPT business. And give a few the opportunity to see that many are indeed aligned with all of this. Also, that this is really an “inner” thing, as well as an “outer”.

The first one here is from someone I’ll call “j”, and is a response to a few who might not think all of this TOPPT stuff is exactly real.

“[to] All Loving Co-Creators,

“All Heather and TOPPT have done is used the highly complex legal system against those who created it to protect themselves. They hid the secret of bringing the whole house of cards down inside the cracks where they were convinced no one would ever look. Quite possibly, they never knew that the formula existed. But it does, and now it’s time for the whole house of cards to…

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