Kundalini Meditation in 6 Steps

Kundalini Meditation in 6 Steps

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Like all other types of meditation, Kundalini meditation can be broken down into simple steps. For the Kundalini meditation to be completely effective, practice it in a quiet spot away from any kind of disturbances. ‘kundalini-meditation’.

First you need to understand Kundalini energy and how it benefits your body. This awareness is important since helps you carry out the meditation effectively.

1. You’ll need to get ready to allow the Kundalini energy to complete its course in your body. Why? During Kundalini meditation, there will be an abrupt burst of a healing and spiritual energy – and you need to receive it with complete preparation.

2. Next you get into a good meditation posture. Classically this means the lotus position – that’s a cross-legged posture. It’s said to be ideal for Kundalini meditation. But it’s not essential.(check your posture. Whatever your position- have a straight back. Upright but……. you guessed it not rigid! This will help your mind stay fresh and awake.)

3. Next close your eyes and position one of your fingers over your left nostril. This is done to obstruct it, so you breathe in only through the right nostril. Now inhale deeply though your right nostril, hold your breath and feel the life force running through your body. Release your breath and repeat the process with your left nostril.

4. Now visualize strongly that the Kundalini energy is stimulating the chakra which is positioned at the bottom of your spine. All through the process continue breathing with alternate nostrils (first right, then left).

5. Visualize a stream of white dazzling light flowing out from your crown chakra (top of skull) and down into your heart (God) center. Next visualize a white dazzling light exploding from your root chakra (base of spine) and flowing up into your heart chakra. Visualize the burst of energy from your root and crown chakra, filling up your heart chakra.

6. Experience the magnificence of this energy. Feel the power rippling inside you. Experience the joy of divine energy filling your heart, mind and soul. Now that you are done with all the steps of Kundalini meditation, relax and sit quietly for some time. It is important to fully immerse yourself in the moment and to let your body experience the joy of divine light that is flowing inside you as a result of Kundalini meditation~~~

via ozonebabys-temple


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