Ancient Techniques to Learn How to Meditate

  1. Follow your breath. Don’t try to control or change it, simply watch it. Surrender to it. Let the Universe breathe you.
  2. Repeat one sound for 15 minutes so that it vibrates all throughout your body. A sound like AUM or HUM or HU will do.
  3. Look directly into your another persons eyes for 15 minutes, gaze into the center of their eyes and dissolve.
  4. Do the same thing yet with your eyes in a mirror.
  5. Visualize a flower of light opening in each of your 7 main chakras. Imagine a brilliant fountain of golden light going up the spine and showering out the top of your head.
  6. Practice holding your attention on the space between your thoughts. stars (pure nothing-ness)
  7. Practice surrending to what is here now. Bring your attention to God, the Universe, Consciousness etc…)
  8. At night, focus on the space between the stars. Let yourself FEEL what is there. Become that empty space.
  9. Focus on a brilliant golden light in your heart shining from an eternal source all throughout the day.
  10. Dive into the silence between your heartbeats. gentle with yourself. …

~via ozonebabys-temple


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