Dr. David B. Barrett spent about forty-four years, and enlisted the help of 444 specialists in a study to discover how many different religions might there be in the world. The study found that there are over 10,000 different religions in the world – of which 150 boast over 1Million followers. Dr. Barrett went personally and visited most in 238 nations and territories around the world. What he found was that within Christianity alone, there are at least an incredible 38,830 different denominations or sects.

So, with 38,830 denominations of Christianity, not counting the denominations, sects or splinters from other religions which would exceed well over 100,000 more individualized groups… Their findings concluded that there are at least 150,000 various individual religious denominations, sects, splinter groups in competition around our now known world!


There is one universal thought that they ALL have in common. I mean literally – they ALL will sit down at any table and AGREE to this one Absolute FACT!  Do you know what that FACThappens to be?

They ALL individually believe emphatically, positively & most dynamically…

 They are RIGHT and you are WRONG!

Of course this is only my perspective… Nothing more, Nothing less!

Dr. Ali


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