Important Document #2 (originally released 3-6-11)… “Treasury Finance AG: Final Bullet Report – Paradigm… A Report on Bank, Judicial and Government Corruption”

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treasury_finance_paradigm_doc_header_ak[UPDATE 2139 PM: One sentence in this document is, “The most notable of the rogue Agents warned as the Texas Camp.” I asked the sender what this meant, and here is what I was told. “GHWB [George H.W. Bush] is known and referred to us by the name used by our contact in the Rothschilds…’the Texas Camp’.”]

This is “Important Document #2”, just posted yesterday on American Kabuki’s blog. He has done quite a bit of work to “web-page-ize” this, and to see all of the web page in properly formatted form, please go there.

As I understand it, this (rather longer than the first) document outlines an investigation of several of the injustices (financial and otherwise) committed throughout the world, presumably with the intent of putting all of this out in the open. Here’s my favorite part (in red in the original document) (and I’m in…

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