Drunvalo Melchizedek Galactic Message 21st December 2012


For all that missed the global meditation here it is! Remember, you can still connect with these energies, time is only a human concept. All of this is happening right now. During the Unity Breath meditation remember to feel love for yourself as well as Mother Earth and Father Sky to complete the holy trinity (Drunvalo channels this addition after entering the heart)

My experiences during this….

As I entered the heart I was filled with such ecstasy and excitement. A real bond connected me to Earth and I felt so loved it was incredible. Then I felt my entire being encased in black rock. The rock began to crumble away as light shone out from my being, bursting out in all direction.

More rock crumbled and light exploded from within. As the last of the rock encasing fell away I was a pure intense being of white light. My consciousness expanded and I grew to about 14ft tall then began floating upward in pure joy.

I was being born into Christ consciousness!!!! It was absolutely lovely!!!!

In preparation for this meditation I did the original MerKaba activation meditation (from the Flower of Life training as explained in The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life Vol2)

I did the meditation (while leading and teaching a group) last night. I’ve never felt my Merkaba so strongly!!!! The 55ft disc was really really noticeable and the energies were so excited.

I connect with my Merkaba field as a living consciousness. Like a really dear friend and I gotta say…. my Merkaba was soooooo excited about doing this!

Much love to all!! Enjoy the meditation and please share! Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing ascension.

During the meditation I could feel hundreds of loving people all around the world connecting with Earth, it was simply beautiful!




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